Mongoose Stat back from the brink

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Apr 1, 2014
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What we have here is a stolen or abandoned Mongoose Stat - I think.
15.00 Mongoose Stat 29 .JPG

Of course its history is unknown as I acquired it from a police auction.
All I knew at the time is it was a 29" and thought it looked kinda cool.

After purchase I noticed one side of crank was gone and BB was really sloppy.

Today I started taking BB apart was kinda seized but I got it opened up.
One side bearing cage completely gone and some of the balls gone.


I have parts from other Malwart bikes so as I don't have a puller to pull the other crank, I just cleaned up the side I could get to and threw in a used bearing to give it a brief test spin.

Rides and shifts so next step is to get that BB tightened up.
Also front suspension is siezed so pried seal away with screwdriver and put a little PB Blaster in to try to get things moving.
After a few test rides I will have to determine if this is worth building and what tires, and paint it will get unsure now if I keep it weather it will be off road or hybrid build.
Borrowed puller from my brother and swapped out entire BB and cranks with some from an almost new parts Mallwart Next that someone left outside for years. Bike does ride now, Gonna lube the chain and try a test hop and see how it goes, maybe some bumps will loosen up the stuck fork.
Thank you guys! Taking it on a 5 mile test today - bald tires rusty chain n'all ! Fingers crossed I make it back. I'm hoping the front shocks will free up. :D
Well made it back with no failures. :p

Top 2 gears kept skipping so 5 was my top gear but with such big tires it was fine. (very windy today, LOL) Chain was stiff running on PB Blaster, but now everything is getting more free running, so now running chain lube and got all the gears shifting nice and no skipping.

Got rid of front derailleur and like the gears running middle front cog. This entire BB setup came from a junk 26" Next bike and works fine. Used Schwinn much more comfy than the beat stocker seat, gotta get tires and some bars with more rise.

Front shocks still "stuck" so got another dose of PB Blaster. I like the stealth of this thing. :bandit:
Good progress!
I would be tempted to hunt out a suspension corrected rigid fork for it, but I guess that is kind of what you have now anyway!

Yep. if I could get the suspension working it would be great tho easier on my arms and upper body absorbing impacts. I notice the 29" tires do offer a better ride by themselves.
It's def a lo buck project so I want bars with more rise. All my stuff is 7/8" so prob gonna have to adapt something to fit 1" stem?
Do you have a bmx stem to suit the threadless fork? That will be 7/8th...

So I would remove the cap and knock out the nut outside the steer tube? Still have to leave the clamp on stem to hold fork on bike then, or cut the stem part off and just use the clamp part? :39:
Well at a swap a few weeks ago I bought some nice chrome bars the seller said came from a small Honda motorcycle for $4. At the Oshkosh bike swap I picked up a nice shiny stem heavier built than the original equipment one for $2. Made spacers out of a piece of tubing from an old treadmill and It's real nice comfortable now.

Looking for some 700c50's or 29 x 2.1 semi knobbies or even a street tread. Some of the tires look kinda motorcycle tires - I guess kinda cafe racer style. :p
Got my new Kenda Kahn K935 tires today.

Got 'em mounted and took the bike for a 10 mile ride.

Rides great! to celebrate I ditched the Marvel super hero stickers!
Trying to get a handle of best gears to use as this is ridden on the rough roads around here. Crankset I'm using is from 26" bike and has "taller" sprockets vs the stock one. Also front deraliler was toast so I tossed it. as I calculate them now, running middle front sprocket gives me 39 to 85 gear inches = little too low for me on the flat, but nice low for steep hills.
Jumping to big cog gives me 48 to 105 gear inches = great for flat stretches but not quite low enough for the steep hills. May have to re install a front derailier tho I usually hate the darn things. :android:
Switched to the big front chainring - 47t and took bike on evening rides last couple of days.
Really, except for one short downhill stretch, I mostly rode in 4 and 5 gear which works out to 72 and 80 gear inches.
So I'm gonna keep it on the middle ring, which tops out at 85 gear inches. Was doing some web research on gear inches and was surprised that the term originated with penny farthing bike drive wheel dia !