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May 9, 2007
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I found this Murray at a garage sale today, for $30. I talked them down to $22 and bought it.

I'm thinking black, I'd like to do a coaster brake, but I'll probably keep the deraileur, make it a five speed with ape hangers and a banana seat. I may have a rat trap springer fork somewhere........


I wet sanded the frame after I tore everything apart.


Once painted, it's looking better.

I relaced the rear wheel tonight to install a coaster brake off a kid's bike. This was my first hub swap/relacing of a wheel, and I'm pretty stoked after doing it. I used Sheldon Brown's page as a guide.

I also found the rat trap springer front fork, and put it on. I'm going to have to fabricate a spacer to make it work, but it fits OK.
What is the Teqnical name for that Style of Springer.
and what Bike / Year where they used / on.

I am picking up a Bike Tomorrow that has a Springer like that,
and I want some Edjemecation on The Name and Style and Year.

The Bike is looking AWESOME,

Kev, i seen a lot of these springers on sears' bikes. I seen one last weekend at the flea-market on a space liner.
I like it a lot
The rat-trap springer really makes the bike. That and the knobbies. Great choice of parts.

Simple but stylish - Well done!

Great Job on the bike! Knobs give it a cool redneck style! I agree with MarkM on the seat flames. Great "girthy" frame. Over all the bike reminds me of a two wheeled rat truck!

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