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Just found the pic I was looking for.
Here I am with my Screamer 2 back in the day. (yes, I realized I assembled the the drivetrain on the wrong side when I had the bike flipped. I remember correcting that right after the pick :D )

The one thing I disagreed with Saint Sheldon on, his opinion of 20" Muscle/Wheelie Bikes:

Sheldon has been gone almost fifteen years now and his statement that says BMX bikes killed Wheelie Bikes shows his bias by not also acknowledging that BMX bikes were born from Wheelie Bikes. The amount of Boomers and Xers that are now leaving their middle-lives behind them and yearning for the simplicity of bicycles that they first got a taste of on a Muscle/Wheelie Bike confirms their validity further.
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I've been doing research trying to figure out if I want to do a muscle build and what kind of muscle bike to build. I've looked through a bunch of build threads, build off voting threads, etc. I've never been into muscle bikes before but I have to say, I've been bitten by the bug! I really dig these bikes! I'm now looking at getting into a muscle project for this build off for sure and have ideas for future projects as well. Thanks for all the inspiration folks!
Don't know if there will be a non-traditional subclass this year, but here is some fun I had in the 2016 MBBO with Poke Choppa

2017 MBBO
Partial restoration I did of one of the very early short frame Choppers that Raleigh brought into the US.

Sadly, I have yet to finish a muscle bike the way I wanted for the MBBO, but hopefully my MBBO entry from last year, The Prowler, might give someone ideas for this year's MBBO.

This is what I had hoped to achieve last year:
Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 10.08.56 PM.png

This is how it turned out by the deadline:

It may not have turned out like I wanted (yet,) but at least the Prowler is rideable. Still, at least it didn't go as poorly as my first MBBO entry, Poison Apple.

Take it from me: sometimes, you really do not want to jump into these Build Offs without a plan. And you especially do not want to jump into these Build Offs without the parts, tools, resources and money necessary to bring your vision to life!
Wow @kram, think I voted for 1, 2, or ALL of your rides. You're busy this year, not entering anything right? :p
@CRASH sounds like he's gonna come with something tight. I'm sure it will with his talent.
Plenty of inspiration up in here!

Keep at it BFTD, You'll find your groove. I enjoyed watching the Prowler build.