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Here are some that have inspired me so far. This is just scratching the surface. There is way too much custom coolness out there. 👍

The Goblin by @CRASH

His page has a bunch of his inspiring builds. This one pushed me into the 'must do' frame of mine:
AMF Avenger custom
Another super inspiring build.

More great stuff, this one by @GuitarlCarl

This one was posted up for sale by @c1run1 last year.

Get Smart! by @The Renaissance Man from a few years ago

I like these Sears Screamers. I found this pic on the 'net
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First muscle bike I ever had was built by my dad.he was a motorcycle guy and had a chopper

My dad's chopper 1971 BSA Victor special. I wanted one to so he built me my first rat rod.

It was one of these with chair legs bolted to the front it was so back heavy he tied a brick to the front fork to stop me from tipping over.
Just saw this cool funky beast on FB

I really like the look of the stubby fenders with the flair at the end on the 20" muscle bikes.
Does anyone know if there are 26" fenders for a Schwinn cruiser available?