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You didn't ask for it, but after reading your "thoughts out loud" post above, I felt obligated to give my opinion. TRM, you may (or may not) know that I have built several "clone" 26" muscle bikes. So I have experience. With that experience comes some thoughts on your current project:

You seem adamant about no banana seat, and I love the 'bobber' direction. But I don't like the fenderless look because it isn't true to a bobber, and it's true for most muscle bikes. Granted, "Pig Bikes" (the original 50's sidewalk bikes with hi-rise bars and polo seats) usually didn't have fenders because fenders back them we're FULL fenders, like you showed on your bike. My opinion: Cut them. Cut them back so where it ends at the top of the tire... like that bobber photo. You don't need to use a chrome one. You can cut the original you have, or... if that's too valuable, I have some full black NOS 26" fenders I can send you, and you can cut till you get it right, then paint and patina.

For the front, you can dump the fender. And, to bring the bike into the "rule of 2 out of 3" for muscle bikes, I'd recommend using a 24" wheel on the front. You could either drop to a 1.75" tire or keep it at 2.125 for the balloon theme.

Anyway, just some ideas I thought I'd share.
@CRASH I'm always interested in hearing out different opinions. Thanks for taking time to chime in. :)

I usually have a pretty clear vision for most of the bikes that I build, but this one is pretty much just drifting down stream on it's own. The closest thing to a rudder to keep it between the banks (i.e. muscle bike rules) is the historical aspect that I found to be interesting.

I have nothing against banana seats per say, but I just ain't feeling it on this bike. You do have me thinking about possibly bobbing a fender though. I don't think these fenders are necessarily valuable, but I've got other junk fenders that I might play with. Thanks!
After digging through my stack of fenders and testing a few of them for a potential bobber candidate, nothing impressed me.

Then I noticed some cut up bits of the fiberglass "Mullet' fenders that I make. I decided to piece a few of the scraps together to make a duck tail fender and test it. Non of the old fenders that I was willing to sacrifice had a duck tail so why not?

I still won't know how I'll like it until I try it on the bike, but even if I don't, I'll get a custom fender for very little effort that might find a home later down the road. After the fiberglass cures overnight I'll refine the shape a little and see what I've got tomorrow. :)
Well I trimmed the fender and tried it on for size.

I'm not liking it but I haven't ruled it out just yet. Now that I have a picture of it on the bike I'll play with it in photoshop to see if I can improve on it. This is just a quick starting point so I'll mess with rotating it and possibly reshaping the duck. Kind of like a haircut, I left as much of the duck piece as possible to start with to have the maximum available before committing to cutting any of the length.
Given the amount of curves on the bike, and the lack of bikes doing this, I would stick with it.

No one ever does anything original without deciding to stay with an original idea.

It is a bike with numerous curves, and a big V shape. I would say that you don't have a top bar bike, so define what you think looks good for it.
Was that 'nip and tuck' or 'nip and duck' ?
Actually is was neither. It was snip the duck.:bigsmile:

Looks perfect to my eye.
The proportions look just right to me. :thumbsup:
Thanks y'all.
I tried it several ways in photoshop (longer, shorter, rotated forward and back, etc.) and this seemed to look best to me too. Of course seeing it in 3D space allows it to be evaluated from every angle but I think that it will work. Moving on.:)
Merry Christmas everyone!

I haven't done anything here for the whole month of December so I thought I'd just post a picture of myself on a muscle bike taken on Christmas morning...

Christmas morning.jpg

...several years ago. :bigsmile:
Merry Christmas everyone!

I haven't done anything here for the whole month of December so I thought I'd just post a picture of myself on a muscle bike taken on Christmas morning...

View attachment 220346

...several years ago. :bigsmile:
Rhyes got his felt kit loved it didn't get pictures but was super excited to see your photo. You got a a bike he got a box of bike parts.

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