NO TIME - Jude’s off the record MBBO 12 - kz650 cafe racer project

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Aug 17, 2019
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Ok, so, here we go!

this thing has been sitting in my backyard for about 10 years.

the wife says stop building bicycles and ‘build the thing that’s been under a tarp for the past 10 years.’

I do have some major items done: I ‘cut up’ and had the seat reupholstered.

I have stripped, painted, balance and put new rubber on the wheels.

I have bought key parts to upgrade to dual disc fronts, cafe bars and other cool parts.

as I don’t want fuel to sit in the carbs all winter, I want to get this guy able to roll around and ready to ride next spring.

short term, I want to wash and derust, paint the frame, get the front end on and rear end on, then get set for spring.
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Ok, so, the #1 impediment to progress is perfection: that’s really the reason I stalled on this.

I spray painted the wheels… they look great

New tires look awesome.

-I was not sure how to handle the forks and frame:

I do now: rustoleum and a brush!

-this ain’t a show bike!

These forks I scored off eBay a number of years back. The original set had a bad seal

I got these off eBay for less than it was going to cost to fix the seal

And here’s the tank.

I was going to strip it and repaint…. Definitely part of the holdup in progress.

It is sort of pink-faded on the top.

I have some leftover red metalcast paint from the proper rat rod.

I may just spray over this, as is and see what I get?

Anything would look better than sitting in a cabinet in my basement

any input? - seat is brown.
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Great to see what you're doing here, Jude. You planning to have it road ready by the spring?
Well…. Maybe! I don’t have any room to store this indoors over the winter. -I don’t want fuel to sit in the tank and carbs all winter.

so, I’m going to get this project going, get all painting done and break final assembly into a few major components, and have it prime for a late spring finish up.

I hope to have it 100% complete and on the road late spring, early summer.

-my youngest has one last year of softball, so early to mid spring will be busy chasing the kid around.
I like your attitude with this.
Thanks! -Get ‘er done.

the number one impediment to progress is perfection.

I delayed YEARS on this thing waiting for the perfect time, perfect weather, perfect paint, perfect whatever!

I’m just getting it decent for a cool bike to bang around town on.

let’s go! :cool2:

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