NO TIME - Jude’s off the record MBBO 12 - kz650 cafe racer project

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Ha. This is great. In the end you will have a motorcycle and I won’t. You can’t lose here.
Thanks! You should have seen me globbing on that old paint with an oversized brush!

I’m amazed at how the rustoleum evens itself out as it dries.

there’s still runs, clumps of old paint, brush marks, some old grass and dirt mixed in, but it looks better than it did! lol

I was thinking I was a perfect 10 on the pro-bike builder ‘fool-o-meter.’

but maybe a 10 on the cheap-o cafe racer ‘cool-o-meter.’
So, it’s been about a month: I’m going to put that cutter wax on that I used on varsity party bike to even out the paint:
So…. Winter is closing in fast…. A lot of cold rain here in upstate.

I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done on the frame, engine and assembly with no indoor space.

The plan now is to get all parts straight and ready for assembly early in the spring.

Here’s the custom 2-up seat I made : it originally looked almost like a horse saddle!!!

I took off the vinyl, cut the foam and had it reupholstered.

It’s been done and sitting in my basement for 5-6 years.
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And uh…. BOOM!!!

I had misplaced my tank emblems…. I’d been looking for them on and off for about 3 weeks.

I found them stuffed between my file folder for the bike and my large envelope I keep my bicycle decals in.

the left side emblem is a little trashed….. BUT…. Better than sitting between a bunch of folders, envelopes, papers and books!
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It’s nice to see you are making some progress with the Kawasaki. The tank is looking very nice.

In 1977 I bought one of those LTD seats for my Kawasaki, but I didn’t think it was custom enough. Soooo . . . I cut the frame up and restyled it, ruining the entire thing in the process. ;(

Weather here is still lovely and I could be outside welding today, but it is Sunday, and I am not feeling the power of the Schwartz. ;)

Time to chill and say a happy prayer that life is so nice here.

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