No Use for a Name...back at it again

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I think I'm gonna remove the existing mount...there's gonna be about 1.25" gap between the fender and the vertical bar, so Im gonna try to use some 30 alt 6 shell casings for spacers...prolly 1 every 2 inches. If I do a suicide brake, I'm using my brass knuckles for the handle. I like weaponry 8) and I'm real stoked on this thing again :mrgreen:
Thx fellas! Here's what I have in mind...

How did ya do the swingarm? Did ya sleve all those holes or just drill them out? 8) :mrgreen:
That is the best looking OCC rear end I have ever seen.
Love the rims. You are making OCC parts look incredible!!!
Man that looks good!!!! Are ya gonna White wall the front tire too?And what kind of paint ya thinkin! 8) :mrgreen:

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