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Coming along great !!!
While I should be saving and allocating funds for this build, I happened upon a deal I couldnt pass up. When something like this comes along you jump on it. A friend is at Velofest in PA and found me a tank for my '56 Columbia, the price couldnt be beat, so I jumped on it... color isnt right, no horn, but who cares! I have until August to finish the CwC anyways...


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Did he grab the frame that goes with it that's sitting at his feet...?!
Did he grab the frame that goes with it that's sitting at his feet...?!

There appear to be 4 of those frames down there! None are red though, the closest looks like it was green, I see a blue one , and two black ones? The seat tube of the vertical one looks red... Anyways, its going on my '56 Columbia I started rebuilding as a tribute for my mom, she was born in '56 and passed a little over a year ago. Finally got him paid, on a goof, someone from the Chicago Taildraggers posted a pic of a blown up Dana 3spd to their FB page and shared it in the OBC page, I just happened to have a NOS gear box, cables, and shifter that I recently got from the friend who found the tank! Sold the Dana to cover the cost of the tank, would have been a while until I found the missing parts for it anyways!

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Nice mix of parts on this one and what a great score on the frame!

Are you just going to run 1/8 chain? I've had success buzzing chainrings down to 3/32 before. Probably wouldn't be too hard to do on a rear sprocket.
I cant bring myself to modify the driver for the Bendix Auto like that. If it was a traditional cog then no worries, I would bring it down to a friend who has a mill and start machining! Or if I can find another driver, perhaps a little crustier, I may make an attempt, but honestly more than likely using an 1/8" chain. Will see, cant imagine I will run into many issues with a wider chain on narrower chainring, and the bmx cranks allow for a good amount of chainline adjustment.

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I meant just thin down the sprocket. Does the kickback take a different sprocket?

If it's the regular bendix deal with the 3 notches it looks like you might be able to use a Sturmey Archer 3/32 sprocket?

Yes, it is completely different than a traditional cog on a coaster. This one is for a blue band overdrive 2spd, and is not compatible with red or yellow band 2spds. NOS, still have the box, and would be willing to trade for a red or yellow band driver so I can play with some machining of the cog ;)

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Oh I see. That is way different than what I was thinking. Make sure when you install the chain you put the narrow links on the teeth. That might help keep it from moving around.

You just taught me everything I know about 2 speed kickback hubs.
No worries! I was pedalling around on my Kona yesterday, did about 40 miles. At one point I noticed I am using a 3/32" freewheel and chainring with an 1/8" chain on that bike! Had a black 1/8" chain laying around last time I was playing musical drivetrains, seems to be fine, shouldnt have any issues with the front ring on this ride being a 3/32" ring.

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Where its at currently, have not made much progress, but did haul the wheels in to tension up the spokes and get some measurements for the customizing I plan on doing to them. Need to find a good couple of free hours to complete paint removal, this is the bare side...

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Been working on my high top e250 these past few days, headed to Durango, CO for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic for 5 days. 5 days of not working on the build.... had a moment to loosely assemble my cranks! Just wanted to see what it will look like. Back to stripping paint next week...

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You leaving it bare?

Yes, planning a raw finish. Going to clear it to prevent rusting. Got some ideas for finishing, like the tank and little highlights here and there. I spent 5 days on the road last weekend going to Durango and Silverton, headed up to Eagle today for the weekend... I am way too busy in summertime to even consider building a bicycle, may just stick to the winter build offs from now on! Yesterday was spent replacing wheel bearings on my e250, but my tires came in! Also sold my Jeep Cherokee yesterday, sad and happy day all in one. And for some reason tapatalk wont let me upload one of my pics of the tires? Must be the thumb in the pic that looks like something else...


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These CWC frames are so classic! I'm loving the parts selection too. Looking good so far man.
Any more progress on the 'chief'...? :nod:
None really to report on unfortunately, been really busy travelling around CO this month. I did have a chance to bring it into work the other day, finished cleaning up the rear fender to bare metal. Now I just need to do the front fender and finish the frame and fork. Once that is completed assembly can finally start!

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Are you having fun yet?
Wow, I have been such a slacker here. These past few months have been insane. I have travelled almost every weekend to some cycling event in Colorado to setup as a vendor, have ridden my mtb in many beautiful locations, raced my winter build off bike, and really enjoyed the hightop ford van I picked up in May. But I have had absolutely no time to work on this build :( @kingfish254 to answer your question, YES!! I have had sooo much fun. Just wish I had time to wrench on this project. I do plan on finishing it, and will stick to the winter build offs in the future. Only time of the year I can devote time to a build and not on my business. I will be perusing the finished builds, seen a couple on instagram already, running into RRBers on there is always exciting, get to see things in progress as it happens. Anyways, I really wish I could have finished this one for the comp, but its all good!


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