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May 3, 2008
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I'm going to go ahead and throw my hat in to the 'Liner buildoff. My plan is to do an Ed Roth inspired version of a Spaceliner. I'm starting with a chrome frame, and I have a bunch of parts lying around. Haven't decided how nuts its going to be, yet. I've gotta dig the bike out of storage and see what grabs me. I'm looking forward to taking part in this!
So yeah... I'm still in this, and I've been gathering parts. I've got my wheels & tires picked out, my fork set up tentatively worked out, a seat, a paint scheme, and probably bars. Unfortunately, the frame itself is still in my storage shed, with the door seriously iced shut for the last couple weeks... With most of my tools. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be in the low 30s, and I work crazy hours all weekend, so I've gotta wait til then to get everything out. Getting antsy now, I wanna start building!
Okay, I got my front end from Blackchop1, and it's super kool! Got me really excited to do this build, and since it got up to a whole 18 degrees today, so I decided to try my luck at getting into my shed. Thank you, big hammer. Here's my chrome 'liner frame, as I pulled it out of the shed.

It was cold enough to make my fingers blister up real nice from carrying it back inside.
And here's the front end from Blackchop1:

As you can see, I'm going to be running 24x3 Kenda flames front and rear, clip on bars, and I still need to dig the tank and rack out of the shed, but they'll be getting paint, and I may try my hand at doing a little glass work if I have time.
Okay, I got the forks mocked up. Time to make a decision... Do I alter the frame to clear the 24x3 rear tire, or do I get a 26x2.125 kenda flame that'll match the front, but clear the frame without doing any modifying? Anyone know if that ridiculous $4 sale is still going? Anyway, here's what it looks like right now:



I'm having a little trouble getting the fender and chainguard off. There are 2 screws that are stripped and rusted in place. I've been hitting them with PB Blaster regularly, and tried to use a damaged screw bit, but no dice yet. They're really in there!
The only problem with modifying the frame to fit the 24x3 is it's hard to do and not ruin the chrome. If that's not important, I say go for it! And from my experience, even with a 26x2.125 on a spaceliner, your wheel better be real true...
had the same problem w/ my bike. one rear fender bolt totally seized! :x it`s looking good! :D sure do like that l.p. special w/p-90`s in tv yellow. :mrgreen: always wanted the l.p. jr., in tv yellow!
texasbigjon said:
had the same problem w/ my bike. one rear fender bolt totally seized! :x it`s looking good! :D sure do like that l.p. special w/p-90`s in tv yellow. :mrgreen: always wanted the l.p. jr., in tv yellow!
Me too. The only guitar higher on my wishlist is an original Moserite Venture...
The chrome is decent, but hardly mint, so I'm not too worried about messing it up... I'm just trying to decide whether I may want to eventually restore it to stock or not. Meh. I'll figure it out sooner or later. My other Spaceliner's on 26x2.125s, and I know how tight that fit is, but it'll be easier than bending the frame. Also, it shouldn't really change the stance of the bike all that much, since the 24x3s have pretty much the same od as a 26.
I love my special, it cost me almost a whole semester's worth of student loans 9 years ago when I was still in school. Best money I spent the whole time I was there! The LPJ in TV yellow is my favorite guitar ever, since the first time I heard Johnny Thunders LAMF. One day!
I gotta tell you this looks done to me. Awesome!!! Leave the fender, add seat and pedals, then a chain. The stance is freakin sweet. A little patina, a little chrome ... I could go on. I won't.
Thanks for the kind words, guys. I've been staring at this thing mocked up for about a day now, and I'm definitely liking it as it sits. Unfortunately, it's completely unridable. There's no way the tire will work with the fender. Simple as that. I'm thinking even if I run a 26x2.125, I'll have to ditch the fender... I may just skip the tank and rack though, depending on the next day or so of staring. I threw the og seat back on it, and it looks pretty good. I have a sweet sparkle white pleated springer seat and matching grips that I think will pretty well make this thing.
With the 26x2.125, you already know how tight a fit it can be. I would suggest using a file or dremel tool to hog out the dropouts so you can scoot the rear tire back a little bit. But you probably already knew that...
Yeah should work. Has for me in the past anyways. That thing would look mean with a 24x3 out back, but that front end will make that bike look tough any way you cut it.