PAY IT BACK new pics 8/09 ITS DONE

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if ya want to drive all the way to chico i know where theres some sweet spots(and a train yard)
hey..... its starting to look like im going to be off tomorrow also you want to roll around sact. after you get off and take some shots if i dont work?
that might be fun but it is mostly dark by the time i get off work at 7.
Always a great build from ya!!! This time is no exception. The fork is really great looking. I know the guy is going to get a great bike from this. Good luck!!! Thanks!!!
i just wanted a bike that was a 180 from last year's bike. it is a great bike i am happy with it and glad the fork worked out just like i wanted it to. and for the record it weighs in at around 45 pounds mostly because of the fork :mrgreen:
so who is comming out for a ride? we need to get all the local nor cal build off bikes together for a ride
I wish gas wasn't so much! I'd come up. I just have to say sympathy votes or not this is one wild ride and deserves to place very high on it's own merits.
Scott 8)
thanks buddy and hey gas around here droped down to 3.71 thats not too bad ny ranchero gets around 23 mpg. just sell one of your restored bikes that will be more than enough gas money. :mrgreen: and yea maybe she will get a few votes that way but then again your bike just scares people into voting for godzilla. j/k
I'm not sure how it's going to turn out but I predict that contrary to the previous builds, this one is going to be a lot closer than the landslides before. I'm thinking I only have a chance if I get a lot of third choice votes! :shock: it's been fun though.
Scott 8)
the first build off was decided by one vote. then the two build offs last year were land slides. but i know that will not happen this year it is going to be tight very tight i will be lucky to get into the top ten this year lol like you said wish for a lot of 3rd place votes :mrgreen:
sensor you know i am not one to count my ducks till they hatch or however that one goes. all i can say is with this build off above all others there really is something for everyone
thanks buddy good to have ya back. and like i said i wanna see "smack talkin" done.

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