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Re: PAY IT BACK mo new pics 8/07

thanks guys i know i cant wait to see the look on the kid's face when i tell him not only is this your old bike, but its all yours now. i just hope i dont give him a heart attack. spinman the holes were done with various sizes of hole saw bits. the trick when drilling or cutting for that matter with copper is to sandwitch it between peices of wood so that when cut the edges are clean and the copper is supported. if i had not done this the edges would have folded over a lot and been jaged. there are more stripes to be laid down by the way you will all have to wait and see on that one. i really dig the bendex brake arm like that iduno it was one of those moments.
as for the paint i was torn when i started this whole build. obviously the paint had to be redone as the original paint was not only ugly, but was just plain beat down. it crossed my mind to do it flat black but it has been done so much sorta like how the ranchero is the token black and red car in my club. so i wanted something different and thought how sexy i personally think raw metal looks so thats where it went. there are so many more hours into this particular paint job (if you can call it that) than anything i have done before. first all the paint was removed and a rough polish. but i did it too early and it rusted some as those who saw the bike at midnight mass saw in person. i was torn once again to leave it with a bit of rust and clear over it but i knew that over time it would just out under the clear so it had to be totally redone and polished again. call it pretty thats cool but i think it is dead sexy and rat through and through. build in a garage with plates of steel from who knows what, an old rare 2 speed hub, orignal schwinn bars cut and narrowed. these are things that today's kustom crowd do to their own rides all the time. when built i really wanted to use as few production off the shelf parts as possible and make my own. it became a sorta contest just to see what could be one of made next. thanks to all for the positive comments they really mean the world to me as a builder and fabricator and push me personally to try harder and come up with wilder more wacky cool creations. there are a lot of seriously sweet bikes this year and to place would be an honor in this company of rides. thanks to all after the "let em roll" ride which will be the bikes official done ride the final pics will be taken and thats that. all thats left is to give her away. i will be honest if i did not say i will shed a tear when he rides her off into the sunset.
Re: PAY IT BACK mo new pics 8/07

well it is gonna be real fresh when you see her done cause tonight "friday" i have to finish the fork get it in clear and put her together. then tomorrow bring her to the shop and we roll.
Re: PAY IT BACK mo new pics 8/07









This is one of the sickest bikes I've ever seen... Wow! The fork is incredible! Actually, everything about it is incredible!
WOW. Uber coolness. Simple, yet complex. Nice job..
Karfer, I've been just watching this build in amazement.

You've really created something special. There is so much one off custom stuff on this bike it's just insane. I love it! It's both a work of art and a labor of love, to put that many hours into the design and engineering, and actually pull it off in execution. Awesome about covers it!

I can't believe how nice you got that frame looking in bare steel. I would lose patience as well as all the feeling in my fingers for days! Really nice work once again.

I admit I was confused for a while, thinking What is he gonna do with those cantilever tubes? But all was revealed and the results are wild! Good luck in the buildoff!



this is the best yet that you have done. all your bikes are great, but this one takes it all. well done, there is only one word for this


outlaw :D :D :D :D
this is going to be one of the ones to beat...good luck guys beating this thing! I want a photo of the bike with the new/old owner when you post it in the finished section.
Scott 8)
this bike was totally different than last years bike. part of the challenge was starting with a rather late model frame and try to make it a contender aganst the super rare frames that are being used in this build off. after seeing sensor's bike it really hit home however the different styles of bikes that have been built this year. our bikes look so different but sitting and ridding side by side like we were on the ride it was just so right. this particular bike has really pushed me to do more, make more one of things and such. rather simple parts on the fork like the upper rear shock mount took hours not really to weld but to finish so that when looked at it looked like a production peice. the same goes for the lower front fork drop outs where the upper springer tubes attach i wanted it to look as though it were made that way and not added on. so i spent hours grinding it down, then rewelding all the little annoying holes that were left till it was darn near perfect. i thank you all for the comments they mean a lot to me and as i said before push me harder to build better and more edgy things. thanks to all and i will have the real finished pics done in a few days.
i do have a few people i have to thank for this build first my boss terry at college cyclery for donating the shock, as well as the tires on this build. lets face it i am poor lol so i needed some help and he was very much appreciated. then there is my uncle howard who when i told him what was going to be done with the bike when this whole thing was over jumped in and helped me greatly. i really think with out two sets of hands on this bike it would not have made the deadline and i am deeply thankfull.
and yes when this is all said and done you can bet i will take pics when i give it away :mrgreen:

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