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@Funkme has this cool Whatchmacalit-doobiewacker-thingamajiggy-doohickey-thingamabob-doodad Award

Well, you know how it is. Sometimes we see things before they happen.:rofl:

I've never broke the top 10, don't expect to now.

Oh, I see a top 10 finish in your future.
Actually that was the 2nd Place trophy you made for Blackout. I made the first place trophy for TRM, restarting the tradition of the previous year winner making a trophy for the current winner. I am looking forward to see what @bikewhorder makes for this years winner.


Ok it’s all coming back to me now my mind is getting rusty over the years lol. Thanks man

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I'll throw in this exercise bike seat and pedal combo for the Second Place winner.

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Can someone else offer up a Third Place prize?

I will offer up the 3rd place may not be much maybe a light or so off the shelf will look around or if I have time to build a little somethin will do that otherwise
As I have done in the past, I'll start up a 'Best Photo' voting booth after a few days and will award a poster of that photo along with RRBBO13 graphics to the winner.
The poll is up and will run for three days! CLICK HERE
I'll give this Delta light as the Kingfish Flexy Fifth Place Prize. I finished 5th in my first complete build off, so this is my way of having fun with that.

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I am proud and pleased to announce that my good friend @karfer67 has won the Kingfish Flexy Fifth Place Prize this year for his killer Ratliner build.
I am proud and pleased to announce that my good friend @karfer67 has won the Kingfish Flexy Fifth Place Prize this year for his killer Ratliner build.
Awesome I have never had one of those. Now I will have to build a bike around it

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Well as I said I would offer up the custom build off 13 decal . The only problem is I have 1 & who would have guessed 13 place would have been a three way tie .
So I will have to pick one . I will
Be giving this to Mazda flyer for the cool Elgin Rat he built .

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G-Matt shoot me your addy via convo will get something out to ya :D
congrats to all.

Could find the right Pm address. It’s ok any way ....
Matt Galbo
444 Pendrey dr
Port Orange Fl
32127 .
Thanks man buy the way I love that bike you built even if was a last minute change !

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Thanks Matt for your addy, I decided to build a little ratified somethin, grabbed some of my mistakes from rolling while cleaning up today, get it made into something though :D will update here when its done and shipped.
well kept getting errors trying to upload a pic. here..
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So who am I sending a seat and grips too? Do I need to pick the recipient myself?

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