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Been out of town for a while. Picked up our mail today and was pleasantly surprised to find the “13” sticker had arrived. Think I’ll look for a square frame to mount it in.
Thanks Matt!


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Check out what came in the mail from @The Renaissance Man today as my Photo Contest prize!!!!!! I have limited wall space in my shop, so I asked him to do a collage of all of my Build Off Bikes rather than just a Holeshot poster. It's pretty awesome seeing them all together like this!! Can't wait to get a poster frame and hang it up!! Thanks a ton Jim!!!! And thanks to all that liked my photo of Holeshot in the contest.

kingfish254bike poster.jpg
Jim, when was the last time you worked on a ‘new’ bike! Hahahahaha

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My last new bike was in the late 80's. It was bought not built!

I've never built a bike out of new parts, this will be fun and a little unnerving.
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