Problem Adding A Rear Brake Set To A Pure Cycles Fix

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So 2 front cables?
Effectively, that's what I have now. The bike came factory equipped with front brakes only. I consider that silly for a free-wheeling single speed. So, I contacted Pure, and they recommended this set for rear brakes because they didn't have anything in stock. With the set I received, the housing/cable is darn near a foot too short. I've contacted the vendor and sent them this video as they requested, but I don't have high hopes for getting any satisfaction in the matter. The vendor "isn't from around here," if you get the gist of my sentiment.
Why not just get a longer brake cable and cut it to fit? That way you can get whatever color you want, and route them how you like.
Your LBS should have some.
I just picked up cables at a hardware store.
Most use just a front brake on most fixed gears bikes. If you are going to use the freewheel, I like both or even just the rear.
It all depends on what you want and how you want to ride.
Why not just get a longer brake cable and cut it to fit? That way you can get whatever color you want, and route them how you like.
Your LBS should have some.
I concur, my good man, and it looks like that's what I'll have to do.

But that's not the point.
I was lead to believe by the bike manufacturer that this recommended rear brake set would work.
The vendor's description leads one to believe this brake set would work.

Neither is the case.

If I had wanted to drive halfway across town for bike parts, I would have done so in the first place.

I have learnt my lesson. :)
Online shopping can be a gamble
And if purchasing a front/rear brake it’s logical to expect to get a longer cable. So you can use it either front or rear.
Maybe an Amazon complaint could result in a longer cable mailed to you.
Good luck!
I'd give the vendor a few days to respond or at least acknowledge your request. Then go to Pure if there's no response.
never understood front only brakes. (must be funded by the insurance companies... lol)

when i had my 20" bmx & rode it everywhere, i only had a rear brake. it was actually an odyssey pitbull brake(LOVED those brakes) and worked great, never had any issues, and never rear ended anything.

i would be rear brake heavy, using front only when necessary.
IMO, a better way to go about a singlespeed road bike is to go vintage and build your own. You'll get better componentry and most often a ride-tuned frameset that is built better and rides better than any gaspipe frames sold online.
On that we can agree, my good fellow.
I was gifted this particular machine...and a fine machine it is.
But, I wanted to add a couple of personal touches to make it safer...and MINE!

I heard back from the commie vendor. They claimed I was in error and they were not going to make this right.
I sent a NastyGram to Amazon, and my money was refunded immediately.
Apparently, I am not obligated to return the brake set I was sent.

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My understanding is...manly men ride fixies, and manly men only need the crank and their manly man legs to use as brakes...purity bro.

Then, companies start mass producing these niche manly man bikes, but...the lawyers say that they can't trust that manly men will be the only ones purchasing said put a brake on it. So they did, on the front, combined with the manly man brake on the back.

However, these mass produced bikes all come with flip-flop hubs on the rear, so when the owners decide that they would rather just enjoy a leisurely ride instead of being so focused on the fixed gear purity...they flip the rim and put on a single speed freewheel...and are left with just a front brake.
In fixie land, reduced function increases cool. Also, reduced cool increases cool using an inverse irony algorithm.
However, this opens up the fixie paradox, where being cool is uncool, and uncool riders are building uncool bikes in an attempt to cool, but without thethe ironic inversion, causing non cools to think they're cool, rendering the hip actual-cools uncool and obsolete.
Then everyone looks around, realizes that they are all on the same unique bikes, but lack function, and there is nothing cool about that.
I have not had a fixie since I was 8 years old, and am way too uncool to be familiar with current parlance, but should I be calling my bike a coastie because it runs solely on a coaster brake?

Both of my older brothers were Coasties.

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