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@bikewhorder I 'borrowed' that from the internet and made some alterations to suit my needs.

I made studs for the petcock using a couple of hex head bolts and bonded them in from the back side. One of them is actually inside the fuel cell so the bolt head is completely incapsulated with fiberglass goop to prevent leaking.



Hey back on page 4 your posted a "tank and motor" mockup. With your tank and the stretched rear dropouts, this thing looks like it will be begging for a bent seat post to allow for that knees tucked in riding position. Is that in the works too, or do you have another plan? (fishing for another mockup here)

The fuel tank is taking all of my time and there's still a lot to do!:doh:

The filler neck was taken from the Chinese tank that comes with the engine kit.

It will get glassed in place when ever i finally get to the point where the tank goes together permanently.

OMG the hours !
I always seem to underestimate the time it takes to turn ideas into reality. I haven't kept up and I don't think that I really want to know how many hours so far!:43:
I always seem to underestimate the time it takes to turn ideas into reality. I haven't kept up and I don't think that I really want to know how many hours so far!:43:

Lol look at the bright side at least you don't have to pay your self . Wait is that a bright side ? Any way get back to the work bench & Getrer Done all eyes are on you no PRESSURE [emoji16]

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More tank fiddling. I'm trying to think ahead to anything that needs to be done before it gets put together and sealed up.

The headlights will require access to the wiring and batteries. On any other TRM tank, it's easy because the tank halves come apart. So I've cut an access in the nose of the tank and have plans for a removable cover. More on that later.;)


The rear of the tank looked like a good place to hide the CDI ignition coil. It just happened to be the same width as the extra flange on the tank. So it got cut out also. The end of the fuel cell will be just forward of the coil.


I never get tired of seeing to cool level of detail work you delve into with your builds.
Keep plugging away at that tank man!
Good luck in your race against Boris and Natasha.
I took a break from the tank to work on the rear drop outs. The temporary ones where only for setting up the rear wheel and obviously devoid of style. So after playing with it on the computer for a while, I settled on the shape and printed it on adhesive paper to use as a cut guide. It was then applied to some 1/8" plate steel. The first piece was tack welded back to back to a second piece so that both sides could be cut together insuring that they will be exactly the same.


After cutting, sanding and filing the sandwiched pieces, I used the drop stand mounting holes to insure that both sides where lined up in the same location. The old drop outs are half cut through from the back side and will be cut completely off after the new ones are sufficiently tack welded in place.

Hopefully I will get these welded in place this week.
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Nice , I was beginning to think I was the only one doin it this way ....:whew:
Until I get easy access to a laser cutting machine, this is the best I can do with what I've got!:rolleyes:
Nice job! did you lose any hub space?
No, the width between the dropouts are dead on the width of the Worksman hub. I honestly can't remember now if I had spread them early in the build or not. I guessing that I did at some point because the plates are each 1/8" effectively changing it by 1/4".

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