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With time quickly running out, I decided that I had better start working on transforming the fiberglass into weatherworn nickel on the TRM Christy Saddle.

Not much to show yet, but the gelcoat is sanded and ready for primer.
Saddle sanded.jpg
Those drops turned out great!
Can't wait to see the Nickleodeon saddle.
@KEMPRACING and I have had a tradition for several years now of having at least one part of my build-off bikes that he has supplied. This year is no exception!

More on this later!
Jim does cool work, this should be fun!
Thanks @SwissGuy! I used Modern Masters Metal Effects for rust, the rest is various layers of rattle can spray paint, some splatter techniques and wet sanding.

Here's the before and after...
Before and After Christy.jpg
" various layers of rattle can spray paint, some splatter techniques.." Haha! the Master never reveals his tricks to the Grasshopper until he can snatch the pebble from his hand....
The coil in the fuel tank makes me a little nervous...:p....but the tank is looking amazing.
Technically it's behind the fuel tank. There's a divider where the fuel ends and the sparks begin!:D
Haven't got any work done for the past couple of days, but I did throw the parts back on the frame and rolled it out for a look with the new drop outs.

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