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May 31, 2019
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Certainly don't have time to participate but can't NOT participate. This is just too much fun. So , with the she-shed project completed , the unexpected guests bathroom remodel completed , and smack in the middle of my "Aeroliner " build I'm gonna do a muscle bike. Had fun last year with my "Pure Evel" bike and have a cool platform to start with for this one and a small pile of parts I'd like to incorporate. Here we go !
Let's start with a ratty old pork chopper frame , kinda cool with the filled in tank look and stretchy appearance
So it shall be your basic 16/20 banana seat pork chopper frame springer setup as we have all seen a million times. Love taking bikes to car shows to putt around on and put beside the cars and trucks we show. I'm gonna make this one a little fun for the kids and adults and do it in a fire chief style. Sounds like a good opportunity to be able to toss on a siren and some lights , and maybe even photo shoot it at the end with the firemen and engines at the station nearby who knows.
Paint job will probably be a "Relic " job rather than a patina job. Think reissue stratocaster relic paint. Beat on to a degree but still shiny. Well played with but garage kept. ish. Will probably create some cool reverse stencil logos and use that deep blood red engine paint. A fire chief muscle bike from an unlikely stack of cool parts. This should be fun
In the interest of a little less spending and a little less time because of other projects and in the interest of using and repurposing I'm going to eliminate the fire truck theme and just do a Frankenstein muscle bike. The esso grips wouldn't have worked with the fire truck idea , and the repop springer was bent really bad and I'll be using a 29c fork instead. The only new pieces will be the tires of course and the paint job is undetermined but thinking a flake job would be cool !
Had to take a peek. The 29 inch fork gives it a chopper vibe. Supposed to have a few warmish days coming up to get it in a paint job. Leaning toward a gold flake with maybe some patterns on the tank. Going to use all parts I have laying around and only purchase a new whitewalls for the front and a new slick for the back. Liking it so far ...
Hoping for time to make a wheelie bar. I think that would work well on this one
Gonna be cheaper than a $20 dollar lace job. Think kinda ugly stripper pretty , just keep the lights kinda dim and enjoy from a distance. .... Wednesday supposed to be warm ish so I'm gonna try to get the frame in a vintage gold relic job with a little gold flake and lace section on the tank for good measure...

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