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All but done. Have to do a touch up on the frame , clean up the upholstery under the seat , maybe switch to shorter crank arms , and add my signature pimp gold chain.
All wrapped up , just have to clean a little more , put on a chain , test ride , and photo shoot between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Been sidetracked on the mockup of the aeroliner projects dash mockup. A 1950 olds dash cluster will live in a center "pod" with his and hers spaceage fan tubes on either side of the dash. Center cockpit divider houses the fuse panel , toggle switches , blue tooth amp , and glove box. Time to build seats next week and get the body sides on by Christmas
I think them wheelie bars are gonna need another brace to be functional... But I love that seat.

Agreed. It will look better, less cluttered, and be stronger with a bigger triangle. It will stand out more too. I looked at the pictures after Carl posted, and I didn't even see it, only noticed after you pointed it out
I suppose extending till February wouldn't be a bad thing considering the delays some have had. March seems a little excessive to me. I would have gone a more involved route if I knew I had an extra 6 weeks ish.
Cleaned it all up and grabbed a new chain. Too short so I guess I'll need to grab a second chain and get it on and go for a test ride by the weekend.

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