Pure EVEL finished !

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May 31, 2019
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Had a blast as a first timer in the rat rod build off 14. Did a little muscle bike out of curb parts ( probably should have waited for the muscle build off but oh well ).
Excited to enter the 2019 muscle bike buildoff. Always have been a fan of Mr Knievel so why not take some from the parts pile and make an Evel tribute bike.
Nothing too ground breaking about an Evel bike but hopefully I can put my own twist on it and make a really cool piece. The plan is pretty simple.
Parts pile score items ( the story on that later ) will give me an old Bratz schwinnish frame, a set of mongoose pro bmx forks and handlebars, an awesome set of star shaped vintage freewheel mags , and even a large star shaped sprocket!
Red white blue and gold color pallette of course ( most forget or go too light on the gold in my opinion , I plan to showcase the gold fairly heavily ) , banana seat, bmx bars , big gnarly motocross back tire , hand brakes , and handmade rear seat supports rather than a sissy bar.
All that's left is everything. Hope to get this thing buttoned up fast then off to downtown
Lexington KY to jump the fountains at triangle park!
Great concept! Dig the star mags. Sounds like a fun build. RaT oN~!
Brats are a great base for a RRB build. You won't feel guilty covering up that grape ape.
The rest of the Bratz parts and the rest of the mongoose made this little Hoodrat lowrider a few months ago. We built it for a lowrider show the club went to and had a blast with it. The Evel bike will use the remaining parts from the brat and the goose as it's basis
This motocross white letter tire should provide the extra grip I need to clear the fountains downtown completely. The red sparkle seat will help absorb the impact of the 200 foot jump ...
Hoping it will clear the frame. It's pretty large. ( That's what she said ). Really need to big sprocket if possible to build enough speed for sick jumps !
Got some really cool blue flake grips and white powder coated hand brakes. Sanded a bit on the frame but didn't get too much accomplished due to a great busy family weekend. A good friend dropped off a free tandem he thought I might love. He was right. Just a huffy but pretty cool six speed dually , especially for $0. Maybe a future build off project , maybe just a tube grease and ride
About have everything fitted up so I can start paint prep. Front 1/4 of the frame red with white stars, middle majority of the frame will be white with red and blue stars , then back 1/4 will be blue with white stars. Cleared with automotive clear of course. Mags , handlebars , and star sprocket will be gold , white brakes and brake pulls , blue flake grips , red flake seat should do the trick
Are those Alhonga brand brakes? If so, please do watch out with those
Finally stripped, primed white , then reverse painted what will be the colors of the stars and logos. After cured up and masked with three sizes of stars it will be painted white until just after the seat post them navy blue at the tail. A very subtle mist of gold flake will be added to the frame before the stars are untaped. Unmask the stars , clearcoat , etc. When finished it will be white with cardinal red and navy stars for the first 2/3 of the bike with a navy tail with white stars.
Trying to get the painting all finished fairly soon before colder weather arrives. Right around 70 this week , and storing inside the house to cure up. Getting there !
Great paint plan! Looking forward to seeing this .... hang to that warm weather as long as you can!
All of the stars etc are masked off using stickers. Next is to paint the frame in reverse white majority into a blue tail. Carefully peel the star stickers and clearcoat.
Last minute added a bit of grey primer and a bit of brown. Patina paint will be sanded back through a bit. Patina paint tip: let the second to last coat flash then for a crackled effect wipe it down with alcohol apply the last coat which will wrinkle. After curing it will sand smooth and leave a cool veined finish that can be cleared over. Threw a little mist of gold flake in to the mix as well. Once all smoothed down with 1000 grit and soapy water the clear will set this thing off.