Pure EVEL finished !

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Stole away a few minutes to finalize some things. Hand brakes , blue flake grips worked out good. Made plates to raise and reposition the little chain guard over the large star sprocket I HAVE to use. Looking for the right short to medium length crank arms to use , then it will be time to disassemble again and final clearcoat the frame. Had to switch out and paint another fork to be able to use the cool bmx stem I found and have to hone out the front dropout a tad to accept the mags large axle getting close. Gonna order some gnarly shin shredding pedals tonight and a colored chain of some kind. Pleased so far!
That looks sweet!
Had to roll it outside for a peek before if gets taken completely apart again for clearcoat , cleaning, polishing, and re assembly. Pleased overall. Not pleased with the fade at the rear of the frame, may crisp that up into a hard line , maybe with a gold divider. Got the large star spocket/ medium arms "transmission" parts all cooperating into a nice frankencrank time to disassemble and put aside for a bit to finish up the winter buildoff bike with the Christmas deadline!
Before dinner took it all back apart tonight. After dinner wet sanded it more. Pretty darn smooth even in the patina areas of the paint. Both this bike and the Christmas wbo entry are coming along. This one is basically ready to clearcoat several times and final assemble. Gonna try to clear it this coming weekend or next. Want to wait till a weekend so I can heat the garage up nice . Getting there !
Evel on hold till after Christmas! Focusing on finishing the "Christmas Flyer " wbo entry for my nephew Ethan , then it's just a matter of a little more clearcoat in a warmed up shop and some uncle / nephew final assembly time on pure Evel.
Between these pedals and my added holiday weight I should stay planted on the bike just fine as I jump the triangle park fountains downtown...
Final cleared faux patina and ready for final assembly in a few days. Has gold flake sparingly throughout that shows off in the sun but doesn't photo too well. Pleased. Going for a different twist on an Evel bike so we shall see!
Should have Evel finished in a week at the most. Star sprocket and pure Evel chain guard ready to go, cranks , chain, and pedals came in. Gonna wrap it up so we can start up on my wifes 69 JC Penney trike she has big plans for !
That's a nice looking trike . Will there be a build thread ?
Probably will do one for the heck of it. I grabbed it because it was a steal. Pulled up unloading it and she said she had to have it. I was shocked that she liked it so there ya go. She wants to do it really nice and blast and powder coat it. Wants to do a tooled leather seat and a stereo and a wooden back facing seat on the back. Figure we will fire up the shop heaters and spend some husband and wife time this winter