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slowriderz said:
Such a nice creation! its hard to not just stare at it for hours. Some day I hope to have such vision and drive to step up to this level.
King Zebba said:
I really like this build. Lots to stare at. It would definitely win at a bike show. Cool! 8)

Thanks guys...funny you mentioned "staring"? That's what I did for two months, every wakening hour – looking and staring at his bike, being selective with placement of parts before adding them.
Very cool flow and neatly detailed bike. It looks so Jules Verne. No rear adjusting screws, but I assume there is a reason. "Over The Top" Bike!!!
U nab a video of u going 22 mph on that u got a vote. ....... bike either way
Machine Age Victim said:
fordsnake said:
frank'n biker said:

Thanks, I really appreciate that you see the theme. I took out again today for a ride, it certainly gets a lot of attention :wink:

For good reason, you're a very talented builder. Do you have any customs you've done before Mofo?

Last year was my first theme build...I had a blast and I don't think I could have done it without the support and the encouragement from everyone here!

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