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Jun 5, 2010
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Hey everyone. Have you replaced the S7 rims on a Schwinn Middleweight? (Typhoon, American, Heavy Duti, etc.) Can I go to a modern rim size and still use rim brakes? I have done a few conversions to 26" but I always used coaster/drum brakes. Recommendations for rim brakes that would work with a middleweight frame and 26" rims are appreciated. Thanks.
You can go modern just lace the hub in a standard 26 inch rim it'll work. If the bike has break mounts it's plug and play.
S-7 diameter is 571mm, standard 26" rim is 559mm. That's a difference of only 12 mm, or 6 mm of radius which will be the difference where the brake pad hits the rim. That's less than a quarter of an inch so the pads should easily adjust to the new rim. You can't tell an S7 from a standard wheel unless you look closely. This is an 80 Typhoon with standard size wheels. No mounts for hand brakes.

Does your frame have the mounts for brakes? My middleweight Schwinns didn't but those that originally came with gears have them. For brakes, an alloy rim and good pads will make the most difference.
I change them over all the time! Unless it is a complete Survivor I get rid of the s7s.
If you're going to lace up a new Rim you'll have to get spokes. But a complete wheel will bolt right in.