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Great solution and attention to functional detail
I rode it in a classic 10 mile bike ride today. The seat moved around because the seat rails are thin from missing nickel plating and rust. An aluminum shim will fix that. Otherwise pretty good considering the age and heavy wear.
Since Revenant works I’m using left over parts on my 1912-17 Flying Merkel Racer. Seat, pedals, cork on the grips left over or extra from the Monarch. I ran out of wire so I have to wait to finish up a spot of welding on the Merkel. Zip ties are holding the cork in place on the left grip until the glue dries.This is a rare bicycle, especially the racer.View attachment 202555
What a good looking result after all the issues this bicycle presented when you started. I'm hoping the handlebar issue is solved to your liking, no movement.
I ordered a set of wood rims. This winter I’m going to try and salvage the original hubs to lace to them. The rear hub might not be reusable as the skip tooth cog is worn out. I have several skip tooth cogs with different threading. If none fit I could weld a cog to the original hub, I did that once. You can’t replace the cog when it wears out if you weld it. I would like to use a faux wood rim and lace one of my rebuilt armless coaster brakes to it. No worry about the coaster pulling the spokes into the wood with a faux rim. I could use this armless coaster on several of my old wood wheeled fixed gear bicycles to make riding more comfortable. I have two more sets of Phillips clamp on front brakes. These old fixies would be a lot more pleasurable to ride.
Here is another photo taken on a rainy overcast day. I used editing to lighten it up. That is why the lake looks grainy and a weird blue. Friday it was 85F, yesterday 92F and today 58F with a wicked north wind. Not much time left for outdoor projects like painting. The leaves are turning. We had about a week of summer this year so far, which is the way we like it.
Such a beauty
Next time try a Chevy exhaust manifold spreader, instead of the pliers ............Curt

When I went to Alcatraz the guide showed me one of those things, homemade by the prisoners. They used them to spread the bars apart.

I never saw anyone spread a sb Chevy manifold before. Never had to mess with either of mine.