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I managed to make a little progress, I got the chains and brake on and I started the steering linkage. I wanted to make sure it had Ackerman steering geometry before I welded it so all the brackets are just tacked for now but luckily it works so I guess I can finishing welding them.




How bout stacking some little 12's or what ever will fit so that they are touching and spinning in the empty rear drop outs? Back yard rat spinners!
haha you should see my video of us riding tall bikes on the news...one guy rides a gold tripple decker tall bike...if I remember right he had a freewheel with no brakes on it as well so the only way to slow down or stop is to jump off...good times.
If all the parts in my backyard came back to life, I think they would frankenstein together and look something like this....
that is just amazing but i want to see a video of you getting up onto that beast.
So much for sidewalks and bike paths this guy needs main thurofairs and highways! LOVE IT!!! You are one brave man to ride that high up.

You need to contact the New Belgium Brewery traveling Circus, they are based in Portland. I know those guys would be down for a bike like this.
Later Travis
I love what you done. Looks like the top of your head is at 12 feet :shock: . Look out for tree branches and don't ride near the airport :lol: .
I looked at your steering set up and I have one question. Do you get wheel scrub as you turn :( ? If you do you can easily fix it :) . It could make a big differance in how it steers around corners. Give a shout if your in doubt! Keep rocking the world Bicycleguy!

I wish a tallbike in everyone's Christmas stocking :mrgreen:

I was worried about scrub when I was building it but it's not bad as long as you don't turn really sharp which you don't anyway because the bikes 10' tall. :D I was going to angle the plates on the forks to give in ackerman steering but I guess it slipped my mind before I welded them on.