Roaring 20s Winged Wheel Archbar

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May 2, 2011
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Tiis is a 1920s Columbia Archbar. This bike was purchased as a fork crank and seat post . At least I feel like I have the most important pieces to build up from. I did manage to buy a original correct badge for the bike. I didn’t even know this was going to be a category until tonight. I’m curious as to where I’m going with this but I seem to have some decent parts in my stuff to build this. So it’s worth a try.
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Love the graphics on that!
Welcome aboard @tanksalot ! Cool frame you have for a start, keep those posts coming and photos of this vintage skinny !

sKinNy oN~!
I believe I’m finished for today. A little back ground on this bike. This bike was just a frame, fork , Seat post, and crank with chain ring when I bought the bike. I had to fix one small frame tube split . And straighten the fork. So far so good . Everything else I had to find including the badge. I was lucky to have most of the parts needed on hand. The metal wheels are prewar. Original wheels would have been wood . Even the tires are NOS 1940s?
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