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Oct 24, 2012
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Boulder Creek, California
Hey everybody! I may build a few in this MBBO, but I realise I don't have a current daily, and I fondly remember the ladies 24" spyder. So I bought this:
rolfast angle front.jpg

This Rollfast is on it's way to me (currently outside Sac')
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I flipped the seat post around to scoot the nana back a touch, and grabbed the first pair of grips I could find.
I love how lithe she is, but you certainly feel the 1.75 under you. I just picked up a 2.125 and tube at the local bike co-op, I'll try and pop that on later today :)
I like the tire combo now too. If you get the gearing right, I think a big boy muscle bike is about the most comfortable ride I've found. I can 'sit in' and pedal my Shelby Flyer Woody all day. And still be able to stand up and crank up the hills when I need to.