Rule Breaker UPDATE more pics: 10:30pm 8/31

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Sep 1, 2006
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Valdosta, Georgia






Re: Rule Breaker

nice job :mrgreen: where gonna have similar headlights too. so is that a schwinn badged higgins frame ?
Re: Rule Breaker

I thought of the scallops awhile back and when i saw yours, it brought back memories of the truck I drove in High school....primer grey and black scallops. Plus I wanted that era paint job of brushed on paint, souped-up with extra gears and alittle hot rod flavor of scallops!
Actually this a schwinn fram hacked up to look like a Higgins.....oops that's why it's the "Rule Breaker"
Re: Rule Breaker

Does this one really break the rules? Cuz the top bar is still intact which means the geometry isn't changed... Either way I really like the way this build turned out. Gives me ideas for other builds. :D
Re: Rule Breaker

hard to believe it is house paint. I love the color. Some of those house paints have crazy names. Do you remember what that one was. I'm gonna guess "Kermit Blood"
Re: Rule Breaker

This paint is called Split Pea from WalMart. I got when a neighbor down the road decided not to paint her bathroom this color 2 years ago. I knew the color was too cool to toss so i threw it in the shop.
Just to show how the color is ingrained in the Rat Rod BBO History. Follow the link below:
Re: Rule Breaker

This bike is actually the CLOSEST to what people did 50 or so years ago!...BEAUTIFUL
Re: Rule Breaker

Thanks guys! I have a 2 weeks to fine tune and to even out some design. I felt it need more! It's is now 99% complete (a few more touchups but who cares!). I added scallops to the rack cause the ones on the light seemed out of place, now it has that souped up hot rod appeal that I was getting at. Also made a tank and splashed some advertisement on there so when I am cruising, I might get someone's attention and score some more vintage bicycles! Also covered the seatpan in a chocolate brown suede leather. It was a recycled girls skirt and the seam is a perfect touch for this rat!





To make this period correct, I added a "I Like Ike" political button to the back fender that I scored from a flea market yesterday!