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Hey Schultz, what's up with your build these days?
"We see NOTHING!" :!

Finally got to a point where I can do more, I have always liked the look of the monarch springer but every time I’ve seen one for sale it’s been out of my budget, missing parts or someone else was quicker. I took a gamble on a Chicom one from amazon
with no idea what bike I was gonna put it on and threw it on a shelf. The quality looks good, but when I went to install it on this bike it did not want to cooperate. Steer tube length is workable but nothing in the Big Bag of headset parts fit the crown race
also the drop outs are for a 5/16” axle when most modern stuff including the cranbrook wheel I want to use is 3/8”. On top of that it’s spaced for an OLD of 112mm when every hub I own is 100mm or less
so after a bit of research and an order to porkchop BMX I have a headset that will work, a 3/8 axle with flats and some extra lock nuts to space the hub. That package just showed up yesterday so hopefully this week I can get the fork and front wheel on, then a trip to the Wethersfield swap meet Sunday to search for a stem and pedals and who knows what else.... thanks for your patience [emoji16]
Made a small bit of progress on this, went to the cellar last night to start modifying the frame to fit the tire, mounted the crank I’m gonna use and the chain so I could figure out where the wheel was gonna sit, marked it, looked at it, thought about it, looked at it some more, and I don’t know why but for some reason it bugs me to have tread on the back tire and a slick on the front. I want the white letters for the “look” I’m going for and I realized I want a fender on there too so I took the easy way out and ordered another thick slick for the rear. I have them on another bike and they ride nice [emoji106] I also decided on a paint scheme, sorry Odd job but this one’s gonna be shiny [emoji3]
I also decided on a paint scheme, sorry Odd job but this one’s gonna be shiny [emoji3]
That makes at least two of us.
Maybe there will be an 'EvenJob Award' for shiny.:21:
That makes at least two of us.
Maybe there will be an 'EvenJob Award' for shiny.:21:
You guys have given me an idea. And I've got nearly 3 months to complete it.
And every body thought I would be sitting around twiddling my thumbs! :21:
I still haven’t found the pedals I want yet , but I got this stem at the swap meet last weekend
for ten bucks, also this fork for a future project
it was too nice out to work inside today so I took my first build off bike (BO9) for a ride instead
seemed like a better use of my time [emoji16]
I love those Shelby frames. The fatties look great on it too.
Hey Schultz, what's up with the latest on the Shelby HR?
Hey Schultz, what's up with the latest on the Shelby HR?

Well, I could say I’ve been working overtime in the hot sun and I’m tired when I get home, I’ve raced the dirt bike 4 times with the maintenance and repair that entails, including a weeknight rebuild of the motor in my nephews bike, and had to spend a Saturday fixing a broken water pipe to the furnace, but the truth is I’m a terrible procrastinator and the extra month is hindering my progress because in my mind I have way more time than I really do. I do have all the parts except pedals and the couple things I’m going to make, and I have a color scheme picked out. I won’t even get into the story of it taking a month and 3 vendors to find a thick slick...
Since we’ve only got a couple weeks left I should probably start putting a bike together, spent the last couple nights unpainting this thing, I found zero evidence of any original paint, it appears as if someone stripped this thing and then painted it red with a mop. They got the bearing cups and head badge too. Now that’s undone and I’ll try to install some new paint Saturday
Nice job on the clean up of a very messy paint job. That head badge looks outstanding!

PainT oN~!
Tick tock.
Great badge!
Hey Schultz, here's some inspiration for your Shelby hot rod that I picked up from a car show we attended last night.

My first sighting of one of these '69 Shelby Cobra models ever. Only 194 made that year. So, they are quite rare.

Scored some pedals at the swap meet yesterday for ten bucks, not exactly what I was looking for but they’ll work
then made up a cardboard template for my next part
also got some primer and a coat of paint on it Saturday, gonna have to let it dry for a few days in this humidity

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