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Anyone knows what make and model these pedals are?
Toro, looks like a Crupi or Redline style to me. Found these on ebay...Redlines. There are knock offs available as well. Try , go to Products, Pedals, BMX.
Cool shin shreading pedals!
A bit of progress today, a week of drying time and the paint is almost hard enough to work on the bike,
tapered bearing headset from pork chop Bmx
one 10mm spacer and the steer tube is the right length
I left the front fork thingy black on purpose for contrast
a locking steer tube nut just cuz it looks cool
and my $10 GT swap meet stem
I’m gonna use a quick release for the seat post since you guys seem to like the seat low for pictures
but I can’t ride that way. Finally I installed the axle with flats and greased the hub bearings
and ended up with this for the days work
I might actually finish this on time [emoji16]
Wow, dude! You are doin' this shiny right!

I have always liked your style, how you visualize and put builds together. But usually there is a fair amount of rust present (two-time winner of the OddJob Award) and that always turns my head.

This one has a high cool factor, rust or not. :thumbsup:
Holds breath for a peek at the bars...

I guess I can do that next... used the same idea on my fire arrow a few build offs ago, start with a cartoonishly gigantic cruiser bar
and cut the bent part off
instant race bike bar
gotta have somewhere to sit
and I found a pair of pointy valve caps in the clutter that is my cellar
tonight’s progress, getting closer
That chainguard is sick!!!
I’m calling this finished, test rode it last night and the only issue is the quick release doesn’t tighten enough to keep the seat post from spinning, I’ll replace it with this titanium bolt from one of my old mountain bikes after I ride it around town tomorrow and take some pictures ,
, now I can reveal my favorite part of this bike that I’ve been hiding, thanks to my friend Stevil , a NOS Dana 3 speed [emoji16]I planned and built this bike around this gearbox. Hope you guys like it
Schultzie, you've done it again! I've never owned one of those Dana 3 Speed set ups, but it looks cool on this build for sure. Don't forget to take a ride video so we can see this baby in action!

Great color combos and parts mix on this one!

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