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Rear Brake Revisited #2

Thanks again @HuffnPuff for the suggestion on changing the calipers. This is what I ended up with. Couldn't find SLX brakes with a right lever without waiting for over a month on delivery. Decided on Deore XL calipers and Base Deore levers. As far as I can tell all I gave up was "adjustment on the fly" at a cost just over half of the XL levers.


Here's how the routing worked out.


Mounting with an adapter looks pretty straightforward.


However... the size and shape of the XL caliper is just different enough from the first caliper that mounting at the top of the disc is now possible. If I modify the seat support brackets, rotate the caliper a little from pictured, and create post mounts the hose routing cleans up even more. Just need to decide which way to go. To me either looks better than the previous routings.


Just catching up on this masterpiece.
Please tell me you are going to cross the finish line in time???????
Back to the Seat

After firming up the direction for the brakes a bit more it's time to get back to the seat. Next step was to modify the template to create a pattern for the seat pan. Basically removing what will be padding from the starting template dimensions and figuring out how to fabricate that in metal. The entire time I was doing that I kept hearing the observations @OddJob had made a little while back. Here's the heart of it:

... The seat looks a bit 'angular' and thin in respect to all the flowy curves of your frame; and that big fat rear tire. I'm not saying full on shag upholstery on this muscle machine, but maybe a thicker, more substantial seat? Something with a more rounded edge, thicker body, and not such a pointy nose? ...

All it was going to cost me was a couple file folders, tape and time to chase down his idea and, I knew I couldn't go any further until I did. Thanks again @OddJob. I was thoroughly convinced in the first design. You helped me see it with fresh eyes and I think the overall look is *much* better for the change.

Seat - First Design



Seat - Second Design


Just catching up here now, TJ. I like what you've done with the profile of the seat. Adding that curve to it really ties in well with your other forms / shapes that are created by your custom tube designs.
Seat Stem Attachment and Rear Light/Reflector Housing Template

Trying something different with this seat. Rather than having a full inner pan I'm making two separate pieces. One at the front that includes the stem attachment, one at the back that incorporates a housing for either a reflector or light. Haven't decided which yet. I should be able to drill a hole into the rear piece to save a little weight once I decide on the reflector/light placement.






Seat Covering

Found a chunk of neoprene and some 1/4 inch foam. Good deal at $5 total for both pieces! The neoprene was messy to form but worked out great. The 1/4 inch foam either needed to be more dense or doubled up. Didn't smooth out some of the pan imperfections as much as I would have liked. Especially with a relatively thin vinyl top cover. I'll see how it wears in but I suspect there will be a recover with denser top foam at some point. On the plus side, this turned out to be the most comfortable seat I've built to date.











Overview Shots with Seat

With the seat on and a break in the weather I was able to get a test ride in. No brakes or gears so it was a slow ride. The overall handling feels real nice. I've been concerned about the bend in the seat support and how that would hold up to the weight of a rider. I've even purchased thicker wall tubing to re-do it if I need to. So far so good. We'll see how it handles a more vigorous test ride soon enough.






Seat Recover

The longer I looked at the seat the more issues I saw that needed to be fixed. Didn't help that once the seat started to look to me like a giant carrot stuck on top I couldn't get it out of my head! Might regret the color change but had to do something. Been more indecisive with this build than any previously.

Pulled apart the seat. I initially used hot glue to attach the cover to the pan. Heating the edges with a hair drier made taking it off easier. Added a second layer of the 1/4 inch foam with 3M Super 77 spray. The foam I used had a smooth side and an open cell side. I reversed the top layer of foam, smooth side to smooth side. I was then able to sand and shape the cell side. I then used a thicker vinyl than the original orange. I'm happier with the current results... for now anyway. :)



Comparison of the original seat and the new recover.




Also finished up a little polishing of the reflector housing and stem attachment.



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