Show me your fixed gear bikes. Any fixed wheel bicycle is allowed.

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Oct 28, 2018
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If you have a fixed gear, or fixed gears. Post them here. Any bike is allowed, as long as it has a fixed cog. Only post your own bikes. Bikes can be extremely vintage or a brand new model. This thread is good for some fixed gear inspiration.
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Here's one. Flip flop hub with a man's gear and a woman's gear. I ride fixed for working on my pedaling and reverse for gravel grinding.
That Lotus is nice.
good eye!
1983 Eclair
it was a rusty and neglected bike when I got it, originally white and blue.
I saved what I could, and then painted it with a spray can (I tried to match the color of my first car, a rusty beat up 1973 Plymouth Fury Station wagon).
I may have to strip and paint it again as the paint is not very durable.
It is a nice smooth ride on 35mm tires.