Show me your fixed gear bikes. Any fixed wheel bicycle is allowed.

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Very cool. Odd enough to be mine, but my old neck and wrist don’t like drops anymore.
I have a frame I BLO’d years ago and it’s doing well in the Florida heat and humidity.
I let it rust up a bit (a couple of days here) then did a wash with some phosphoric acid, and repeated, without rinsing the acid, then a wipe down with Gibbs, then BLO and turps, the turps just makes it easier to wipe, easier to penetrate, dry a little more quickly, and I like the smell. I redid the BLO once in a while as needed while it was my main rider. Hanging in the garage for the last 6 months it hasn’t changed a lick. This method gave a nice chocolate brown on the lotus frame, a bit lighter on an old gas pipe frame, but there may be other factors.
Trek Earl with the flipflop rear wheel. Fixie on one side, single freelwheel on the other. Sold it cause it was too tall for me. Very nice riding bikes. The twin top tube frame design certainly smooths it out.