Show me your scribbled plans for a build and I'll show you mine

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Hey don't you guys know that photos are not scribbles?

but you can scribble ON photos...
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I used PS recently to see how simple body panels might appear.



'Primitive' drawings for unexplained reasons are counterproductive to me. I see shapes in color and sounds. My drawing would look like bunch of colors spaced apart. I do not have to record them. I see shapes in colors everywhere.

I'm sure many recognize this famous bike sketch.
@hamqqea I have a frame like the orange one except it's a beatup wheezer in brown primer. I had thought to create a locomotive from it with either a bunch of tubing or a second frame.

freight train2.jpg
freight train4.jpg

as the drawings progressed it went from an idea, to an impossible to ride (because it would bridge out, to a "possibility"
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The color orange caused the arrangement of components for that build.
Red is the dominant color in my world. All the other colors exist around red. 90% of my bikes have red prominently displayed. Red is my primary or foundation shape. Combinations of colors determine a particular shape or outcome. It's frustrating for me to translate the 'image' into drawing. Once in drawing form the object is static and no longer changes or transforms as it does when I see a field of colors. I'm able to switch forms very quickly. My bikes progress and evolve rapidly. There's almost what seems like an infinite amount of ways to combine few components to create completely original different bikes. It always supersized me what's possible.
I see the "primitive" drawings as a very useful tool. When I have a stripped down rendering of a specific frame, I can then cut and paste easily to see the flow of the lines. I have sliced and diced in realtime and found that without a preconceived plan, forcing things to line up isn't as easy. Plus I enjoy noodling around on my laptop with
RossC2C v3.JPG
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Still trying to figure out how to bend the elliptical main tube.View attachment 210835
Fill your tube with sand or salt, tight and you can bend tubing around a tree or barrel or... Just take your time and you should get very minimal kinks, if any, and use a longer tube than you need. That's old school.
Here are some of the "T" trike ideas I was thinking about. Don't know if I like the louvers. Also, found a thing called a traditional Chinese trike that kind of is like the idea. It looks like a dump bed though. Sorry for another photo but I thought it was good to show something similar has been done.

Trike drawing.jpg

Ch. Trike.jpg
So much negative trail ! o_O

It’s beautiful but I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to ride?

This is the only one I ever rode which has a negative trail, and I didn’t like it so much. In fact I took it apart so I could straighten out the forks.


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Fill your tube with sand or salt, tight and you can bend tubing around a tree or barrel or...
I've modded steel and aluminum drop bars with that method because I like 38cm bars with the ends flared out to about 40cm to keep my wrists straight while in the drops.
On the first bike I ever built here I used to "assemble my bike parts from 2 different bikes into one before I ever took anything apart.


Then I went back a couple years later and changed the style a bit to Da Bears tribute bike...