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Heres one i just built the other day, really fun bike to ride, just have to replace some gear issues and add a few more parts.
badbitty said:
heres my hoomptie

LOL, while this is an awesome hoopty, it ain't quite a klunker style.
Update on my klunker: Electra Sunny Garcia model 7 speed Nexus. New tires Kenda 26x2.35 SLANT SIX John Tomac signature series, oury grips, MX front brake, slim studded seat, bmx pedals



Hot Rod Lincoln


Hot Rod Lincoln
when im in a hurry
prewar Lincoln badged Schwinn
2speed kickback rear
Aloy rims
Ashtabula stamped cranks
Tange Bicycle Motocross headset
front drum brake
Brooks B72 saddle
Campy seatpost quick release
swaped out for skip tooth and s2 rims
My neighbors must think I'm weird for taking pictures of my bikes...

Here's my klunker, finished for RRBBO#7
A cheapo aluminum cruiser frame.. I don't even remember the brand! But it had canti studs, so it was fair game!
Vuelta Zerolite wheels
Sram 7-speed cassette, Shimano shifter
Raceface chainring
Mongoose stem, and some bars I stripped from a girl's BMX bike on the side of the road... :roll:
cheap Kenda knobbies
Lizard Skins grips
Deore LX cartridge headset
3-piece bottom bracket conversion



This is the klunker I built up this spring to play with during my summer break. I got the frame from member subadrew back in January. It is a 1995 Schwinn Cruiser Six. It rides/stops awesome and I have had a blast with it. I rode it last weekend in Omaha's "Corporate Cycling Challenge" in the 25 mile category. Lots of soccer moms and weekend spandex warriors to ride along with. For the benefit of all mankind, I was not in spandex. This is the bike in inaction during a trail ride on the Swanson Trail in Bellevue Nebraska near my house. Check out my improv water bottle carrier.
Here is my klunker idea.This one started as Catahulas' idea, and then retired to Florida and is the first of two that I got from him. The other one is nowhere close to done yet.
'36 B-67

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