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rat royale said:
Here is my klunker idea.This one started as Catahulas' idea, and then retired to Florida and is the first of two that I got from him. The other one is nowhere close to done yet.
'36 B-67

Rat Royale
REC Elsewhere

Very nice.

Roscoe Clyde
58-63or4 rollfast twin tube.


Blurry phone pic


Hodge podge of parts, tony hawk 3 pc cranks and stem, random bars(thx phat philly!), missmatched C-list rims, 26 inbmx fork from chimichanga and robbed my mtb of its street tires.
Re: Schwinn Sidewinder Klunker





Schwinn Sidewinder I have been working on .I added front drum brake and the rear is a Spectro S7 with drum brake.I rides great on the dirt trails.Still need to mess with the cables and give it a paint job.
A few updated pics...

Changed bars,seat and p.o.s. 3pc. cranks....




Love the top tube in shots like this!


Thats it 4 now!
Here is my shot at a Klunker. It started out as a 1995 Schwinn Cruiser Six.

Parts list:

Nexus 3 laced to a set of Sumo 26x1.75 rims (Araya 7x clones)
Sturmey Archer thumb shifter designed for the Nexus 3
Renthal bars
Haro mid-school stem
Star brake levers
Origin 8 Classic Lite saddle
Fuji 170mm 3PC w/44t chain wheel
Bear Trap pedals
Oury no flange MTB grips
Kenda Straight 8 26x2.35 tires





Action pictures coming soon! :mrgreen:

El Duderino said:
I have been super happy with my 1995 repro Schwinn too.
I chose it because of the cantilever brake mounts.
I really have an issue with the seatpost though. Im tall and it has to be run out far so it always bends.

I too chose it because of the cantilever brakes. Currently mine has a Nexus 3 coaster brake, but I recently ordered the Nexus 3 w/o a brake.

I like your setup. Are those bars Kos Kruiser knockoffs?
Yes they are. I bought them on Ebay. I liked the shape and you cant go wrong with a 4130 Chromoly tubing. They are called Als Rapid Transit i think. My 41 DX will have a pair of chrome ones.

A thing to think about... This Schwinn frame has a ....... ... headset size and you can shave down a 1' thread-less headset cups and run a 1 1/8 fork. I havent gotten that far but Ive seen it done on another forum.

Ive got a 95 repro Schwinn suburban which Im building because its got an English BB and will take a 25.4 seatpost. That way I can jack the post up.
Here's my repro Klunk. It's based on a Gary Fisher '96 Klunker, but since it came with GripShift, lousy bars, levers, etc. I tried to straighten it out. I can't always ride my '35, but I can beat this one up and not feel guilty.