Silver King Unchained: BELT DRIVE

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Been waiting awhile for someone to do this .
Cruise the wheels off that thing .
Been wanting a belt drive for my Van Dessel since I built it .
One of my top picks for sure .
Thanks for the support! If you are serious about doing a belt drive, I can help source the parts. My experience with SKU this year has ironed out a few issues that could be avoided in a build. Let me know~!
What a great build. And it's a Silver King too!!!

From the monarch front paired with the ATV bars, back to the quilled layback post, down to the sweet belt drive. And everything in between.

Looks like a smooth roller that will get you lots of looks and double-takes.

Great work! Enjoy it. Ride the tires off of it! 👍 👍
My favorite thing about this bike is that it looks like you could ride it every day, anywhere
Thanks MC, Schultzie, and Marshall! It really is a fun ride, and feels really solid all around.

Thanks for pointing out the mix of really vintage, 1936, and modern, 2008. I think some of the intricacies of working with the very unique Silver King frame were lost on some that did not take the time to read or follow the build thread and then realize what was there.

My best finish ever was my only entry ever in Class 2; Trans-MiG-RaT. I got 2nd place that year in the Class 2 voters' eyes. It is a '40s womans bike that I welded the top tube and straight bar from a mens Scbwinn '51 Deluxe.

Took it out for an evening spin tonight to give SKU a night off. I really like my recent upgrade to the rear Electra fatty 3 spd wheel and 24 x 3 tire. This baby really hugs the road! Def my heaviest build.

And the laser cut custom designed 3D flames were really fun to create!







Maybe it will bring me luck with votes this year for Silver King Unchained!
Beautiful Fall morning in our capitol city! Mississippi River ride, West 7th Ave district.

I have been playing holiday jazz gigs here. at Claddagh Coffee for 8 years. Alwags a great crowd, and the architecture is warm and inviting.

Oh, and we have fountains, too!