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I was looking at your photographs, trying to decide where I should draw the holes in my frame so I can run the cables inside. One of them is inside from the factory but the other is not.

And I saw how you had to run a cable through the hinge joint.

I am glad I won’t have to deal with that.
The hinge joint actually makes running the cable through much easier, especially if you run it from front to back. Pop the cable in the top hole, and then you only have 3-4 inches to push it towards the exit hole.

I was thinking about enlarging the holes or drilling a second pair of holes for the other cable, but decided that running the bike off-road would make that a risky decision.
No, I just rarely use it, and mostly only when I want to put one of my bikes in the car. So that makes 18 months ago for this frame.

Of course, since most people never fold them, that makes me a rabid user of the fold :)
Ha ha, here is my temporary build from the winter.

Same tires, same grips, same forks, same crank, same pedals, same gear change lever.

They were all just waiting...

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