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Nov 17, 2007
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brownsburg, indiana
Here is what ive got to play with. Dont know if is a Space Liner or Flight Liner maybe one of you guys will let me know. But anyway it looks Spacey So i wanna play.
Nice, that's the same frame that I am starting with, it's definitely Murray built, but it was not branded as one of the Sears SpaceLiners. I was probably branded as a Murray Meteor Flite, or FleetWing Mariner, or one of many other things. Still pretty much the same bike. Good luck!
Nice! Thanks for the info, Joey! I figured it was a wesertn Flier or some other non-sears branded murray... It's the same frame as my first spaceliner-type bike... Kinda wish I hadn't sold that one... Oh well... Glad to have you on board!

Well i got it apart today and found some shiney chrome on the top of the forks in the head tube :lol:
Gotta staightin the bottom bracket its kinda bent. And the chain wheel is beyond straightning :x
Im going to the chrome guy for a quote if its to pricey i will just paint it and wait till i get some more cash.
Woo hoo got my forks today from Blink they are alot nicer than the rest of the frame. The chrome guy is just to proud of his work for me to afford that so the frame might just be painted to match the red on the bottom of the forks.
Thanks Blink
I got a chainring just like that one you could have for the cost of shipping if you wanted... I'm sure you've got others though. But if you need it let me know. Looks good so far. :D
Thanks Brigmaster but i am picking up a Muray Caravan i think thats the name from Murray-Elimanator at the INDY swap meet looks like it has the rest of the parts for Spacein Tetnus :mrgreen:
haha no prob man.

never said this before, but, sorry they are so nice.....hah.
Yea they are real nice Thanks man, wish the rest of the bike was that nice but, i did put some nice wheels and handle bars on looks a lot better, I will post some pics of it when i get back from getting party supplys for tonight my son is haveing his 12th birthday tonight and hes my youngest. I still dont feel old
I have to warn you that the Rust-oleum and Krylon chrome colored spray paints are more like a metallic silver, they only look like chrome in the blinding sunlight. :lol:
the rust oleum is what i got so maybe if i go outside with no sun glasses in the blinding snow and come back in it might just look like chrome humm maybe just go with gold, didnt the luner lander thing have gold foil lookin stuff on it?
Here is a pic of Spacein Tetnus with a basic mock up just waiting till the bike swap meet Feb 7th to pick up a parts bike from Murray Eleminator its got a nice crank, sprocket and a rack for the back. I also have some brand new chrome fenders out in the shop that i am going to set on there and see what it looks like.
Did a little work on it today i think it came fairly clean with a wire wheel on the frame and the wd40 and brass brush on the fenders. I still need to do more on it tommarow.