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OK so i wire wheeled all the rust off of the frame and polished it up, looks pretty decent for how much rust was on it. I still need to change the goose neck for a chrome wald i have in the garage other than that i think it might be done. After working on this bike for about 20 hours i liked it so much i got him a girlfriend :shock: a girls flightliner with the springer fork. Take a look.
maddogrider said:
Its got this thing on the front fork. Is for a basket or a springer?

my western flyer has the same piece on a functional springer. its just a top decrative piece to hide the actual clamp.
there worth a small fortune if original/restored, and way cooler if complete. :)

check out this x-53 i lifted from the net.

heres mine the way it sits today.

theres one on ebay right now ($99-0 bids-$70 shipping :))
ive gotten one just like this im working on actually, its a western flyer. unless it was some mass produced frame for all diff brands. same front forks, same frame style, same little claw on the front. it's got a pretty groovy tank too