Stick a fork in it, cause ***Forked Up *** is DONE

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Re: Our entry, title, ***Forked Up ***

Gtcoma wrote,
how did you extend thos forks? i can't quite tell from the pictures
Hey gt, they say a pictures worth a 1000 words, and times short this morning, this should tell you how it was done.
I'll have to come back later to add captions to the pics, for now enjoy the photo updates all.
Basically, we took a nice set of chrome 10 speed forks and hack-sawed them off at the base, then pounded them onto the new fork legs.

Just some regular 1/2 conduit, cut to length
Using the ball end of the hammer, start tapping out a straight line, working back and forth on that line until you've dented the pipe in 1/4 way. Then flip it over, and do the same thing on the opposite side. You might want to try it with copper 1st, to get the hang of it.

Once you've got this figure 8 shape, you're ready to use the business end of the hammer!
Hammer it flat from both sides, measure where the axle hole needs to be, center-punch, and drill.

A little final shaping with the bench grinder. Time to make it's twin.
After the new truss rods were bolted on, I hopped on it to test out the front end under load. I'm 200 lbs, and with very little effort, this thing will bounce the front tire off the ground! :lol: I'm quite happy with the balance on this thing, feels just right, not too light in the front.
Just making them shiney, obligatory shoe shot as well 8)




Cutting the cloth was pretty straight up, 1 long piece for the front and tank top, 2 side panels pieces, 1 bottom piece. I almost forgot how much fiberglass stank :|
More to come once it cures,
Re: Our entry, title, ***Forked Up ***

Wow, hadn't realised how much time had passed since the last post. The bike is all together now, in the process of doing a few shake-down runs to find the inevidable bugs that always pop up. (forgot to lock tite a few things, derailleur and brake adjustments,...)
The chain we were using was driving me nuts, it wouldn't set in the teeth of the sproket properly. I thought at 1st there was too much clear coat causing interference. After much filing and scraping, I realised I was trying to use a 10 speed chain on a bmx sprocket :oops:
So, on went the proper chain, lengthened for a derailleur set-up.
Michael enjoyed the 1st test ride for all of about 10 seconds until the chain popped due to a faulty master link.
This thing is nice and light in the front, wheelies super-easy (maybe too easy, I might have to bend up a wheelie bar)
That tank however, is a different story. We left room for it as far as the decal lay-out goes, but getting hinges and a lock installed are proving to be a challenge. I doubt it will be ready for the deadline, but thats ok, it's an accessory, the bike itself is what counts.
Pics coming up soon,
Re: Our entry, title, ***Forked Up ***

I was about to post that this thing looked like a wheelie machine! :) Great work.
Rick says,
So, here we are, completed ahead of schedule. The tank (as previously mentioned) won't be ready for the deadline, so the new deadline for it is the last day of school. Michael wants to be able to ride it there to show his friends what kept him busy this winter.
We give you the pics;









Mike sez,
Some of my friends have seen sneak peeks at school during lunch, as we go down to the library, and check the board here. They all think it's "weird" that all you people commented on our bike, weird in that all these strangers liked the bike and took time to comment. So, thanks everyone !
Rick and Michael
Thanks all, we've been checking out the other bikes, great work by all so far.

Dingo, the flames on the frame are actually decals. I had removed them from another chopper, the Canadian version of the schwinn stingray, marketed here under the name Pacific coast chopper.
You can sort of see them in this pic the smaller chopper.

The tubing on that bike is larger, so the decals each had to be trimmed down individually. This actually worked out well, as I was able to eliminate the clear carrier film, and actually create more small decals. The gloss black flames do pop well against the flat black paint.
I gotta tell ya again! Very, very, COOL!...........Ride the heck out of it.

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