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Dec 11, 2011
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Central Ohio
This is all you get for now:


This is going to be a mild build for me, more of an "attitude adjustment". Starting with a new bike again, which I kinda really don't like. As it sits it doesn't do much for me, but I think it has potential. It will be interesting to see how some of the parts look on the bike, as I really haven't trial-fitted anything on it, just picked up parts that I thought would look cool. The parts pile may change as time goes on, but I think at least the bolt on stuff should look good.

Inspiration is coming from the Yamaha Stratoliner motorcycle. I was always kind of partial to the design of the spears on the tank, although to be honest, looking through pictures to post here I really thought that design element was carried through to more parts of the bike, but I guess I'm remembering it wrong. It will be on mine.



So, that's it for now. Should be a fun, easy build if I don't start going crazy along the way. I'm planning a little fabrication, but shouldn't be anything too time consuming. I'm sure I'll still end up taking pictures 2 hours before the deadline and hoping the photo lights don't melt the glue on something. :whew:
Definitely has potential & great inspection with the Yamaha .
That’s a good looking motorcycle. Nothing wrong with bolt on parts it will be ahead turner I’m sure .

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I'm already getting soured on this build and I haven't hardly even started yet. I knew when I bought the fork that I would need a 1" threadless stem and headset pieces, what I didn't know was how impossible those pieces would be to find! I just assumed I would have something lying around, at least for mock-up purposes? 2700 square feet and two levels of mostly bicycle parts, and I got nothin'! Not even on the stack of Walmart bikes I recently "inherited". I'm going to have to order something. I don't even have an upper bearing race. It would be nice if the fork at least came with that!

Oh well, there's other things I can work on. I at least go the stance kind of mocked up. Might as well go lace some rims.

I love the stance. Those triple trees are awesome. I am going to have to break down and get a set for my Soul beach cruiser.
Phase 1: Remove chain guard
Phase 2: ?????
Phase 3 is profit!

(Bonus points for you if you know what that's a reference to...)

Phase 1 - Collect underpants.
Phase 2 - ...
Phase 3 - Profit
Those Tuesday frames are nice. Saw one at the Performance Bicycle that was closing in Mesa this winter, waited one day, and missed it.

Look for an older BMX 1" stem from the '90s. That would work well with your triple tree fork. I got my 1" spacers from the hardware store, they are steel, but the right size.
The stem shouldn't be a problem to buy, the upper bearing race might be tougher to find by itself. Everything I have that's 1" is threaded, including the top bearing race. Just need to look a little harder.

Front wheel is done, fits no problem. I threw it on the rear too, looks like it will go, but I'll have to deflate the tire to get it in the dropouts.

Front wheel is done, fits no problem. I threw it on the rear too, looks like it will go, but I'll have to deflate the tire to get it in the dropouts

It's frustrating but you can get used to it. I put 26" wheels on my daily cruiser, and the frame was designed for 24", and have to do it every time when I need to remove the rear wheel.
Seems like I get super busy right after the build-off starts every year. Got the rear wheel on though. These tires are a bit of a struggle to get on the rims. Lookin' a little bit more like a proper motor bike now though:


The second picture reminded me of the car from the movie "The Car" for some reason. All tires from top to bottom:


PLENTY of clearance in there! I could get two fenders in there if I wanted to!



That's probably all for the weekend. Waiting on parts and gotta go do Mothers Day things.

Do they make 1-1/8" quill stems? Asking for no reason in particular...
Doh! I just remembered, I have seen a 1 1/8th headtube threaded fork with a quill stem, I have two of them in the backyard on some Giant Elwoods:


So they are definitely out there!
Well a lot of the old (like early 2000's old :21: ) Kellys, Giant, Author and other, mostly trekking bicycles use those stems.
Well, in the smallest of small updates, I made another attitude adjustment, that may help me get to the next step that I will waste my time on. Probably looks the same (which is ok), but eagle-eyed viewers will spot it:


I have an idea that i *think* might be cool (they all seem cool in my head) but time will tell. I need to secure some parts to make it work. May end up as a bust, but shouldn't take too much to mock it up. Stay tuned!
Haven't done much at all lately. Keep getting cool ideas that just don't pan out. Got some parts on the way that should get the ball rolling again. When I do get ideas that work, the parts usually end up being oddball sizes that give me grief.

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