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Built the wheels and got started on figuring out the rear braking. I think I have it sorted. So now I need to get a tab that I removed from the donor frame welded to this frame.

Spread the frame to accommodate the freewheel and disc brake.



I also figured out where the “tab” needs to go, and it’ll get welded on this week. But today... on to modifying a 26” fender to make a rear muscle bike fender.
As I’m starting to test fit the back end, I’m realizing that the sissy is waaaaay wider than this Troxel seat. Which is odd because usually the troxels are the wider seats. So now I think I’m going to have to get a repop Schwinn-type sissy to fit it.
Nope it was a stem

@hamppea said

"Indented the chainstay easily with an old stem. Taped a piece of 5/16'' scrap from a cut axle inside. Can squeeze in a 20x2.20'' tire. No side deformation. Could go further for a 2.40'' but that will rub the seat stay.


"I shouldn't have used a threaded part to press into the chainstay. It left imprints after clearing the rust...was in a rush. Should use a little larger smooth cylinder with contoured ends next time. .... works and that's what's important."
Why I gotta? Credit where credit is due. Posted your words and pic, wouldn't dare claim the glory
Nah, not that... It's an easy enough task without all fanciness. They'll figure it out.
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I built the vice grips with a bit of half pipe on one jaw and a nub of solid rod on the other and it works very well. Depending on the thickness of tubing you may or may not need heat, but heating the dimple area will definitely help, if you don't mind toasting the finish. The next set I build will be made with the largest vice grips I can find (within reason...)

I do like the idea of using an old stem, but I can see the frame cooling as I crank each bolt into the block, back and forth diagonally trying to keep the pressure even. If you are thinking of making something, make this tool. You will use it more than you think when it's in your toolbox.

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