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Painting finished. Ended up going a wicked copper fleck over black.

Also Drilled and painted the rear wheel to match the front
Bringing back the build off 16 winner for a revamp.
View attachment 214785
This time I plan to build it up as a muscle bike, with the two out of three rules being, a fat and skinny, plus ape hangers.

Will use a 20x3 out back, with a 26 or 700c up front. Leaning towards the pro class style rim I radial laced for my off road build, but didn't use.

This build will be somewhat inspired by custom baggers, with their small and fat rear's, and tall and skinny fronts. View attachment 214779
sounds cool but with those 2 fat tires it screams three wheel trike/ chopper with app hangers muscle bike.
What kickstart? That’s an electraglide engine.

The only Harley trike I ever rode was a 45 with big Mickey Thompson’s on it. It was OK for puttering around. You could probably tow a car around with it, If the drawbar was low enough to the ground that you didn’t wheelie.
I like this idea, could be the next build for this frame
you have the frame and wheels. you just need to build the wright forks. then re cycle and mod a seat from some thing ells. for this build.

will this bagger get the gangster skirts? like real motor cycle baggers use.
Can you tell how to reshape the fender to fit the smaller 20" wheel?
It's a difficult process to describe, but easy to do.
As the fenders are curved it both directions, by flattening the fenders, it will pull it to a smaller radius.
Also the opposite applies. By squeezing in a fashion to make them narrower, they will also grow in radius. So to step up from 26" to 27.5 for example. The trade off is it becomes narrower.

Now the main reason for me using a 26" cruiser fender, then flattening to shrink the radius, the trade of was it became wide enough to cover my 3"wide rear tyre.

Hope that I haven't made it way more confusing than it is 🤣