the Baby Deluxe (she's done)

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May 16, 2007
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Gladstone Mo.
this amf Roadmaster Deluxe Satellite will serve as my base for this project
(this could get real interesting as i see Upper Class White Trash is using the
same basic bike although i'm sure we'll go completely different directions)
if the weather breaks i'll start pulling donor parts and post pict
(shoot may pull donor parts at 20 degrees and with the snow flying)
anyways here's some pict




good luck to all and happy building

Re: the Baby Deluxe

nice choice i've seen it somewhere before

so do you know what year it is? tank and sprocket are a lil different
Re: the Baby Deluxe

It looks like you can flip the tank for, um, gender reassignment? How forward-thinking they were in the 60's...
Re: the Baby Deluxe

the bike was called a convertible i think
it let a family buy the bike and use it through several kids
both boys and girls
they were built to last more than a year
unlike the current mass market bikes
the tires are too dry roted to ride on but will make good wall decoration
think i'll mount one or both on rims and just hang them on the wall
kinda as a blast from the past

Re: the Baby Deluxe

Looks like a sweet little bike!

If you or anyone else is interested, I have several of these tanks for sale, and they're cheap!

See my Parts thread over in Classifieds... been on there for months and many of the items are
still available. If I haven't listed it as SOLD it's still around... somewhere!
Email me at [email protected] if interested...

Also just found a Rollfast Skoot chainguard in nice original shape-- green/gold paint with nice
"patina" to the silkscreen... Someone must need that for this build!

Best of luck to all contestants!

Re: the Baby Deluxe

Very cool. I like those tires. Hope there in good shape so you can utilize them.
Re: the Baby Deluxe

hey all
been way too busy
just had time this week to start taking her apart
fork gave me a fit and a half
had to get out the chop saw
too sad :( i wanted to reuse the old fork
the end is oh so near
i hope to get some good weather
need to paint
this pict is just a mock up
she won't look like this when done
not near enough time and or beer to get this concept
together by may 12


i must say these 20 by 4 1/4 sting ray tires would look way to killer though

rushing to the end
Re: the Baby Deluxe

sweet! well.......since you showed everyone how to strech and braze.......i know you can fit those in there!(i still wish the original tires were usable....i loved those!)
Re: the Baby Deluxe

C'mon, sleep is over rated anyway. Go for it!
Re: the Baby Deluxe

I like the 3" tires on the small frames. Markm did it and it looks great. Judging from your other bikes, I am sure this will be top notch.
Re: the Baby Deluxe

alright someone needs to fesss up




i was provoked to cut up two perfectly
good frames and bend up a schwinn blade fork


I know I’ll blame the custom bike goddess


and look it could still be a convertible


looks like i may need a jack shaft for the chain
we'll see what happens
just over a week left
hope the weather holds out to paint

Re: the Baby Deluxe

I like how you bent that fork! Nice!

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