the Baby Deluxe (she's done)

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Re: the Baby Deluxe

hey all posting my final mock up pict
she is all together and rideable
worked all the bugs out
wound up making a custom off set rear sprocket
adding 3 washers between the chainring and
the inside race to get the chain to clear the tire
but the important part is it all worked out
i'll be dissambling her tomorow (5-7-08)
to get her rattle caned
still hoping the weather holds out
so little time left




p.s. snaped the pict at my brothers house
his garage is almost bigger than my house
Re: the Baby Deluxe (final mock up)

That thing looks MEAN!.........It looks like it'll steal my bikes "lunch" money!
Re: the Baby Deluxe (final mock up)

all right KOTA :shock:
what's ya got in the paper bag today??? 8)
is it Little Debbie brownies or cup cakes??? 8)
it dosen't matter i'll just take the whole bag!!! :mrgreen:

i've always wanted to be able to use a line like that

by the way
just fyi
i'm 5 foot 8 inches and 130 pounds
usualy been on the other side
peace bro and thanks

Re: the Baby Deluxe (final mock up)

Hey mike, jon here. and for your next trick , why dont you turn that old mini camper into a trike!!!
"Betcha cant do it" im liking the new build cant wait to see it up close.
Re: the Baby Deluxe (final mock up)

it's not a good day to paint (cloudy, 68 deg and 70% humidity)
but i'm painting anyway
currently got rattle can finger
but it will go away(i hope)
looks like i just may make the cutoff date

jon said:
Hey mike, jon here. and for your next trick , why dont you turn that old mini camper into a trike!!!
"Betcha cant do it" im liking the new build cant wait to see it up close.

jon are you provoking me???
that "custom bike goddess" just told me
pony "no no not right now"
cbg "YES YES"
pony "no no no!!! leave me alone!!! get out of my head!!!"

who knows mabye in the furture
Re: the Baby Deluxe (final mock up)

hey all
Baby Deluxe has got some paint now
i can't say she is finished
but she is done for now
lots of small details left
but let me tell you about her
we'll start with a before pict


i spliced the back half of a girls ten speed to the front of the roadmaster
to allow enough room to stuff the meaty 20x4 1/4 sting ray tires in her
bent the schwinn 26 inch blade fork to accept the same meats
made a custom off set rear sprocket and shimmed the ross snowflake
chainwheel as far to right as possible to allow the chain to run smoothly
gave her two coats of red oxdie primer
installed a schwinn crusier seat and chubby grips for a comfortable ride
and no rat would be complete without a headlight and tail light
here is some pict





i'm thinking i may install a longer crank to allow the pedals to scrape
a little easier since i added these tail devils to the pedals



yes their for a skateboard just screwed them to the pedals
here is a pict of Super Deluxe checking out Baby Deluxe for the first time
Super Deluxe wasn't very happy
i think she felt threatened
i had to scold her and tell her it was ok
i also told Super Deluxe "don't worry you'll still get ridden"


and my last pict is me sitting on Baby Deluxe(hard to get a riding pict by yourself)


for a ten day build i think she turned out great
thanks for all the encouragement with
people saying "you can do it"
oh yea and by the way
i love the way everyones build turned out
just not enough time to respond to all the threads
it been fun
lets all do it again

SO COOL!.......Luv the primer paint!.........It still scares "my" bike. 8)
I love this little bike,you should be a designer,you are a designer!!Genius!!
It ticks all the boxes.I just can't get over what great vision you must have to see something like that in what you started off with.
It's really well proportioned and it's also a bonified rat from the point of view of the matt paintjob.
Where did the front forks come from?Home-made?

Well done again....pure genius.

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