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Mar 25, 2011
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Rochester, NY
OK, here's where I'm starting with - a basic Sears middleweight of the Spaceliner frame type, though not labeled a Spaceliner. I picked this up a few years ago at a swap meet for $20, and have considered using it for a RRBBO a couple of times before. This year, I've decided to actually do something with it.




I've got a lot of ideas swirling, and I might even refer back to a sketch I made several years ago (which I'll have to find) for inspiration. Last year, I took ideas from Cadillacs and jet fighters. This year, I'm thinking of something that is appropriate for the name "Spaceliner". So, sci-fi based, but hopefully not much like what others have already done. Beyond that, well, we'll see...
Spaceliners are always cool!
LOL, I said Goldenliner, not Goldenrod... Still, I'm surprised that I hadn't thought of the connection of C3P0 to a gold-colored sci-fi build myself. Jawas have short memories sometimes. Still, I'm not sure that I can do much with that with regards to what I've already been thinking about...
If you paint some teeth on it. you are guaranteed top 5 from my experience. :21::crazy:
Anything with gold in it....just saying:cool2:
Well, you probably biased on that... :cool:

This is the actual paint color I plan to use on the bike when I get that far:

Its more of a yellow gold, compared to the bronzish gold that it is now. But this color looks awesome in the sunshine. The bike pictured above is one I painted for my nephew a couple years ago, so I know what to expect as far working with the color. I'm thinking that this, with chrome (and possibly copper) accents, will look pretty cool. I'm still working out the rest of the whole general sort of mish-mash though...
This is going to be a cool build. I've always liked those frames, plus, I'm a huge space age fanatic!!

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