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Feb 13, 2008
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Cherry Hill, NJ
I figured I'd get the name out there befoe I got the Pics taken.

Here are the parts so far. Pics to follow.

- '50s Higgins bent tube frame
- '50s Higgins chainguard punched out with 1/2" holes
- 24X3 red felt rims
- 3" Elecktra Fatti-O bwl tires
- Wright brown leather saddle ('47-'62)
- solid bar 13/16" laid back seat post
- Hootchie Springer leaf spring drilled w/ 1/2" holes
- Kruzer King blade fork
- 9/16" hexaganal solid bar truss rods
- Haro black 1 piece crank
- black roulette sprocket
- black wald stem
- lots of beer


Did you ever want to grab a bike part and throw it as far as you could? Well after making 11 holes, going thru 3 cobalt bits, 3 masonry bits and taking forever to line up the last 12th hole, the 1/4" pilot hole decides to walk on me and drill off center. Of course it had to be the hole most visible to the eye.

Now I gotta come up with something to cover up my scew-up.

Hmmm. I was going to make a custom head badge with a 3D skull on it. Now I think I'll use this idea for a hood, or should i say, spring ornament and cover up this mess.

On top of this, I _still_ don't have my fork, sprocket and other junk.

My big ideas always seem to get me in trouble.

Gotta grab some beers now 8)

got a welder? if so you can plug it back up grind it down and do it again :roll:
yeah ive had a ton of things like that happen before but...alot of times they did go flying far away or just got cut up(nah..i dont have a temper :lol: ) hope everything works out for ya!
start with smaller drill bits, progessively getting larger? takes alot longer to do but the finishing is better and you don't screw-up your precious larger bits. also you can sharpen drill bits on a bench grinder....
Here's my seat and my idea for the seat post. Another one of my big ideas that'll probably crash and burn in front of me :shock:

I'd like to bend the 13/16" bar stock in this shape and grind the end down into a spike, kinda like a rat tail.

Whether I have the tools to do this is another matter.


weld it and try it again. that sucks sorry for the luck i have done that striping where you get almost done then totally mess a line up that throws the whole deal off. hey when we going to see pics of this higgins you say that you found?
Here's the Higgy frame. Thanks to karfer for searing this image into my skull to the point where I HAD to have the same one. It'll need some good sanding to strip off the surface rust. I had to file out the rear stays a bit to squeeze in the 3" Electra Fatti-O.

Karfer; Did you do any spreading of the rear legs to fit your tire in? My tire only clears whenb it's all the way back.


The Felt 50mm rims and Electra Fatti-Os

This'll be my hood, er, fork ornament. It's a 1" pewter skull used in poker playing to guard your cards. I'm no card player, but I like skulls :mrgreen:

i bought it off the 'bay, and when I get it, hopefully I can tap the underneath with threads and then attach a machine screw thru the front of the springer leaf.

LOOKING GOOD! Rat tail idea sounds cool!....(could rename it "Rat Sass").
I'm diggin' the chainguard, looks very aeronautical. And it looks different because it goes all the way back. Plus the frame and wheels are sharp.