The Mean Machine - FINISHED!

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Loving this build man! The lime and chrome look great. And your car parts and stickers are slicker than owl snot. Great build!
Thanks for the positive vibes dudes,
A little, easy sit in the house, extra detail...


A few more little details I have been working on...

Spoiler alert! It's on the way...

Some miscellaneous un-named textured part...

A few other things are percolating with the Mean Machine, but I will refrain from posting everything until the bike is finished.
Things are coming together now. It's weird, the more time I spend with this frame, the more I swear the frame was either twisted in a wreck or something or maybe it was welded up on a Friday afternoon or early Monday. It's not just the rear triangle where I widened the frame to clear the big rear slick. The top tubes are not even, even up front. Oh well, maybe some shims here and there will help.
So here is where I am at, this 6th day of July.


Decided to try a fade paint job, a light coat of lime over the chrome on the lower part of the frame, fading to a mist about half way up, leaving the top with its glorious Murray chrome still shining. At least that was plan. It didn't turn out as nice as hoped, but with some judicious use of four ought steel wool to "age" the paint, it looks like a really ratty fade job! LOL

Still think those grips are gonna need a little help to blend in better.
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