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Oct 5, 2013
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well here is a little background. I saw this thread awhile back and thought "ohh this will be fun" had a general idea in mind of cutting a frame up and changing the geometry and a few other little details, but the over all idea I had was a little childish and to be honest I didn't have the guts to completely chop a frame with out knowing the end result would be good. So i began to think "well I have this bike I need to restore" but whats the fun in that... post a couple pictures of it getting repainted and new parts that we all know I probably spent way to much money on. on top of it that bike is a girls bike... so then I was about to give up and not enter when I had a bunch of brilliant idea pop into my head. now what bike to use?? well I bought a bike on here about two months ago. got super excited, then the shipping took FOREVER! (like Ham Porter's voice in The Sandlot) and when it finally arrived, nearly a month later :eek:, I absolutely hated it! the pedals were the wrong size, screws and nuts were missing, the seat didn't even fit the seat post, and to top it all off the thing weighs more then my car! I was furious :mad:. I nearly put the bike on craigslist for the first person that could come pick it up. but the frame has a good look so why not rebuild it. so now after that extremely long intro here is the bike I will be rebuilding.


plans are to stretch it out a little and lower it a bit. I have a few ideas of what i want to do with the rear end but you know how those ideas end up when you try to put them to action so I wont quite share all my intentions yet... ;)

so now I'm on the hunt for some old seat springs. Just need the rear springs but will take what I can get. the bigger the better. and cheap! please let me know if you have any you're willing to part with or see any for sale

and sorry if I offended anyone doing a basic restoration or building a girls bike :blush:.
Was at the swap meet today and found a nice BIG light that might end up on the front. Not sure though because I already have the fender light. Here's a couple crappy pictures

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nice light!with I could find one of those

So ideas have been turning. I'm planning on using a couple 2 speed kickbacks. (Yes a couple but shh don't tell anyone) I plan on running a coaster brake on the front. I know it's been done before but I like the idea. When I first saw it I fell in love and planed on doing it. Then I realized it been done more then I thought and more recently then I thought. But ohh well. I was planning on running a HUGE front sprocket but that idea was shot down once I thought about chain stays. So off to find tires to fit my S7 wheels. Thinking about a name still. Thinking something along the lines of "The red line express" because of the bendix redline hubs but don't want it to be confused with a redline BMX bike. I'm glad we have a long time frame because money is tight around Christmas but I'm trying to spend it all with little ideas.

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The distance I kick back. It's going to be tricky and I'm not sure I'm going to get it to work. We will see. I'll give a run down on how I did it once I figure it out. (Or a run down of how not to do it)

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So I promise I've been working on my bike. Not as much as I wish but I have been. So pulled the hub apart and tried grinding some tabs in hops that I could get the hub to spin backwards when pedaling backwards. But everything locks up. So I have a new plan the involves roller skate bearing. Not positive if I'm going to go through with the rear suspension yet. We will see. I will figure out a 4 speed kickback by the end of this I promise. So here are pictures of how not to do it
before on top after on bottom.

I assumed with out the tabs the brake pads would expand up and lock onto the hub and the turn backwards since you were pedaling backwards. But the just locked up and did what brakes normally do.

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Ya sorry. Not much progress. The only progress is finding out what doesn't work. I ordered some bearing off of eBay so complete it. I ordered a pack of 10 and they only sent 1... I emailed back saying I need the other 9 ASAP I'm working on a strict deadline and they said they are in the mail. They should be here any day now. Once they arrive I'll be able to get it

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So I promised you progress today. So here are a couple teasers

Bearings are taking forever to get here! They have been in San Francisco for 5 days... San Francisco is about 8 hours away from me... I was expecting them 2 days ago (Monday) but they didn't even come today and they're not at my post office yet so I don't think they will be distributed by tomorrow. More updates tomorrow.

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Bearings finally came in! Test fit them real quick before I ran out the door. They fit pretty good but I'm going to have to figure out how to keep the wheel nuts tight. Shifts the way I want it to. Next task is cutting an old BMX sprocket to fit on the hub flange.

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